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Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 8 класса. ( Лексический тест)

Progress Test2

Module 2 Form 8

1 Match the words with the correct meaning

1 pollution 2 wrapping

3 can 4 recycle

5 rubbish

  1. a metal container in which food or drink is preserved without air

  2. the process of making air, water, soil etc dangerously dirty and not suitable for people to use, or the state of being dangerously dirty

  3. food, paper etc that is no longer needed and has been thrown away

  4. the cloth, paper, or plastic that is wrapped around something to protect it

  5. to put used objects or materials through a special process so that they can be used again

2 Complete each sentence with one of the words or phrases below.

Environment, pollution, chemical waste, disappeared, litter, throw away, recycle

Many species of animals and birds have 1……………..In some rivers you can see a thick foam caused by 2……………..Go to the seaside and you’ll see the3…………..around you. There is a lot of 4…………… on the beaches. People pollute the 5……………..A European family with two children6…………..about 50 kilos of paper and 60 kilos of plastic. We can also burn or7 …………….. a lot of it.

3 Fill each word in the correct form.


is one of the most serious and crucial word’s problems of our day.


The young woman didn’t know where to look for… .


Some of the first … organizations in the world started in Britain.


It was a very . . . journey.


Smoking is strictly . . . in the office.

4 Fill in the definite article the if needed

The official name of the country is 1 . . . United Kingdom of 2 . . . Great Britain and 3. . . Northern Ireland. The country is situated in 4 . . . British Isles. The two main islands are: 5 . . . Great Britain and 6 . . . Ireland. The longest rivers are 7 . . . Severn and . . . River Thames. Last summer I was on a journey around 8 . . . world. I started on 9. . . Black sea, then went round 10. . . Bulgaria, 11. . . Greece, 12 . . . Italy,13 . . . France,14. . . Spain and many other countries.

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Назначение материала. Для проверки у учащихся восьмого класса лексико-грамматических знаний и навыков в работе предлагается использовать задания с выбором ответа (multiple choice). Задания такого типа снимают дополнительные трудности, связанные с оформлением высказывания, экономят время и позволяют увеличить объем содержания, которое нужно проверить.

Тест предназначен для итогового контроля в 8 классе, либо для вводного контроля.

Целью теста является проверка навыка использования пройденного грамматического и лексического материала.


- проконтролировать знания лексики и грамматики по различным темам,

- построения предложений различных типов.

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