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Контроль письма _ ученикам 11 класса

IV Международный дистанционный конкурс «Старт» Для дошкольников и учеников 1-11 классов Рекордно низкий оргвзнос 25 Р. 16 предметов Узнать подробнее




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Контроль письма для учнів 11 класу

1Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the brackets.

2There should be some bread left in the cupboard. I don’t think we can ________________ (eat) it all.

3I don’t want ________________ (risk / cycle) on such a busy road.

4If we leave now, we ________________ (easily / catch) the midnight express to Paris.

5I can’t stand ________________ (get up) at 5 a.m. every morning.

6We’re late! I’m afraid the concert ________________ (begin) by the time we arrive.

7I’m glad you remembered. If you ________________ (not remember / pay) the fine it would have cost much more.

8Janet ________________ (teach) for years when she lost her job.

9By the end of term our class ________________ (read) Lord of the Flies for over three months – I am so bored with it.

10The reason his clothes are so dirty is that he ________________ (repair) the car.

11I guess my parents ________________ (get) worried because I haven’t called them yet.

12Choose the correct answer.

  1. You had seen / will have seen much of the material in this documentary many times before.

  2. We were always enjoying / had always enjoyed ourselves when we went camping in Cornwall, so our parents didn’t see any reason to try somewhere else.

  3. If Gilbert weren’t / wouldn’t be so stingy he might lend me the money I need.

  4. I’m in a hurry. I can’t stop to call / stop calling him now.

  5. Fans with forged tickets couldn’t be let / can’t have been let into the concert.

  6. I didn’t recognise you! Did you buy / Have you bought yourself a new pair of glasses?

  7. I wasn’t surprised they separated. I had waited / been waiting for it to happen.

  8. We won’t have let / won’t let the children have any cake until they’ve eaten their dinner.

  9. I’m less hungry / nowhere near as hungry as I was this morning.

  10. We haven’t been / didn’t go to Turkey since our last visit ten years ago.

13Complete the sentences with appropriate words to form common compounds, collocations or phrases.

  1. I can’t believe he s____________ up late for the job interview.

  2. Why don’t you sell your car to pay off your debt? It’s w____________ a f____________ .

  3. She p____________ innocent to attacking the man and claimed that she acted in self-defence.

  4. Simon’s sporting activities don’t extend much b____________ watching football.

  5. I’m sure I’ve been charged too much for this TV. I think they’ve r____________ me o____________ .

  6. Surprisingly, an old age pensioner was a____________ for suspected burglary last night.

  7. It’s impossible to discuss anything with him. He’s too stubborn ever to b____________ down.

  8. London police forces have toughened their security measures as they are expecting some c____________ u____________ during the elections.

  9. I wish you’d g____________ up! You can be most immature sometimes.

  10. I had to give e____________ in court about what I saw on the night of the bank robbery.

14Some people cannot imagine their lives without computers. Write an essay (200-250 words) which presents the advantages and disadvantages of using computers. Include the following points in your essay:

  • The kind of tasks computers can be used for at work

  • How computers can be used for leisure

  • The advantages of using computers

  • The disadvantages of using computers



  • Иностранные языки

В конце каждого семестра ученикам предлагается пройти контроли основных видов деятельности, а именно - контроль аудирования, контроль письма, контроль чтения и контроль говорения. Контроли не являются контрольными работами, но задания к ним учителя имеют право разрабатывать самостоятельно. Именно поэтому нами было разработано примерное задание для максимально точного определения уровня усвоенности учениками 11 класса предложенного в течении семестра грамматического и лексического матераила в соответсвии с государственными стандартами и программами Министерства Образования и Науки Украины.

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