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Контроль чтения_ученикам 11 класса




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Контроль читання для учнів 11 класу

  1. Read the following text and decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).

Does advancing technology mean more crime?

Modern technology often makes us believe that the future is bright. Advances in computing, robotics, artificial intelligence, genetics, medicine and technology could help to transform our world for the better. But unfortunately there is a darker side to the speed at which modern technology advances. Of course technological advances bring huge benefits for our society, but there are also negative consequences. Criminals are extremely motivated individuals who often use emerging technologies before other people. As a freshly-trained police officer, I witnessed how gang members and drug traffickers were using mobile phones for communication long before the general public did.

Guns or knives are not the only weapons criminals might arm themselves with when they commit crimes. Information technologies, including smart phones with satellite imagery, night-vision goggles, and up-to-date laptops are just a few examples of criminals' range of ‘weapons’, which have been used for various cyber crimes, drug trafficking, and even murder. Criminal gangs also use news broadcasts, online reports and social media prior to their crimes as means of gaining useful information. Sometimes this means that criminals have an advantage over police forces or the government and are more difficult to arrest, convict and sentence in court.

Cyber crimes are not the only ones typical of modern times. With robots becoming more advanced, many international organised crime groups are using them in the course of their criminal activities. For example, drug traffickers in Latin America use robot-operated ships and submarines for illegal drug transportation to the USA.

Scientific and medical advances have made it possible to design DNA on a computer screen, send the DNA code to a ‘bio printer’, and assemble it from real cells. Our ability to reprogram DNA itself will lead to great advances in medicine, but unfortunately the same techniques could potentially be used to modify deadly viruses in order to make them more threatening. The potential to infect millions of people around the world scares most of us, but to certain criminals, DNA is just another system to be hacked, and infecting people with a deadly disease would not cause them concern.

It is clear that advanced technologies are only beneficial in the hands of those with good intentions. The battle of honest members of society, police forces and governments against crime has been going on for centuries. In many ways, new technology is making this battle even more challenging, as the capabilities of governments and crime fighters often prove to be below those of the criminals.

  1. The writer of the article claims that when he started his career in law enforcement, criminals were using new technology prior to other members of society. _____

2. According to the article, criminals use the media to promote themselves. _____

3. The article states that only cyber criminals are capable of using robots to commit crimes. _____

4. According to the writer of the article, certain criminals could harm humans by spreading dangerous illnesses. _____

5. The writer of the article believes that crime fighters and governments have more up-to-date skills than criminals. _____

2. Ask 10 questions to the text.


3. Retell the main ideas in the text in 10 sentences.



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В конце каждого семестра ученикам предлагается пройти контроли основных видов деятельности, а именно - контроль аудирования, контроль письма, контроль чтения и контроль говорения. Контроли не являются контрольными работами, но задания к ним учителя имеют право разрабатывать самостоятельно. Именно поэтому нами было разработано примерное задание для максимально точного определения уровня усвоенности учениками 11 класса предложенного в течении семестра грамматического и лексического матераила в соответсвии с государственными стандартами и программами Министерства Образования и Науки Украины.

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