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Контроль чтения 8 кл


G Read the following text and choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

As a teenager, my brother Al used to invent little things as a pastime. After the gadget phase, he started making toy aeroplanes out of wood or plastic. His creations were quite impressive for someone so young. His room was always full of books about famous pilots and jet aeroplanes that he read again and again.His dream was to sell his model aeroplanes in his own shop one day, so he was determined to learn all about flying, and even designed all his models on a 3-D computer programme, before he built them.

Neither of my parents opposed Al’s decision. They both believed that people should be keen on their jobs, but our father wanted him to get a university degree first. Our mother thought that a good education was necessary, especially because she had doubts about if he could earn a good living with his aeroplanes. On the other hand, she couldn’t see how becoming a lawyer or a doctor for example, would help Al with the job he wanted to do.

When Al finished school, he finally decided to get a degree in architecture. During his studies, Al continued his hobby in his spare time, but also got involved in other things. He played football for a while, volunteered at the school’s library, and joined the drama club; though he soon decided that acting wasn’t for him.

As soon as Al graduated, he and another dozen students took a tour of Europe. The highlight of Al’s trip was France. He even considered moving there for a short time to improve his skills in French, but he wanted to return home to prove to himself that he could succeed as a businessman. Three years later, Al accomplished his goal, and today, he is so successful, that he has five shops in our city and is planning to open more around the country. And, who knows, maybe one day his model airplanes will be famous around the world!

1 When Al was young, he wanted to be a(n)

A pilot C computer designer

B shop owner D inventor

2 Al’s mother believed that

A it wasn’t important for Al to get a goodeducation.

B a good education would help Al with his career.

C Al might not earn enough money from the job he wanted to do.

D Al would make a very good lawyer.

3 While Al was at university, he

A continued to build model airplanes.

B got a job as an architect.

C trained to be a professional actor.

D worked at the university library.

4 What did Al do soon after graduation?

A He lived in France for a while.

B He opened up his own business.

C He did some travelling.

D He learned how to speak French.

5 Al wants to open

A another shop.

B shops in different cities.

C shops in different countries

D five shops in his town.

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