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Конспект урока английского языка в 5-ом классе на тему "Одежда"

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Ход урока.

I.Организационный момент.

Приветствие и сообщение темы и целей урока.

Т: Good morning boys and girls. I'm glad to see you. The theme of our lesson is " Our clothes".

Today we are going to revise vocabulary on the topics "Clothes, Fabrics, Accessories", do grammar ex. and check up your knowledge.

П.Лексическая зарядка

Беседа с учащимися.

Т: What do you usually wear in summer?

P: In summer I wear shorts, T-shirts and sandals or flip-flops

T: What do you usually wear in winter?
P: In winter I wear a coat, a hat, boots ....
T: What is your favourite item of clothing?

T: Where do you usually keep your clothes?

P: I usually keep all my clothes in the wardrobe, but I have a small brother and he

has a bad habit to leave his clothes on the floor.

T: I don't know a man who puts his clothes on the right place.

II. Активизация лексики и устной речи. Повторение лексического материала на ИД.

Let's start with women's clothing.

1." Women's clothing"

Match the words to the right pictures. (уч-ся работают на ИД)

Match the words to the right pictures


2)Выполнение словарной работы.

А)Составление словосочетаний и предложений с новой лексикой.

3) Sort these words and write them into the correct columns of the table.

Ladies' clothing

men's clothing


Outer garments

casual dress, cocktail dress, cardigan, blouse, winter coat, fur coat .business suit, jacket, sandals , open-toe shoes sneakers . shorts . white tie. T-shirt raincoat, tunic boots

T: As for me .1 like to wear what makes me feel comfortable especially shoes and boots. Because I spend a lot of time standing at the blackboard. That's why I try to buy footwear without heels.

4. T: People use different fabrics and accessories for their clothes. Name them.


T: What is your blouse is made of? P: My blouse is made of acryl.

T: To be more smart and elegant we put on ...accessories.

T: Do you like to wear accessories?

P: Yes, I have a lot of plastic and silver rings, earrings, brooches and bracelets. T: I see you like to wear fashionable clothes. Imagine, if you have your own fashion boutique. What kind of clothes would you like to sell? P: I think women clothing.

Cocktail long dresses and jewelry. T: Of course, the best friends of girls are diamonds.

Most of girls dream to have an elegant dress, high heels and expensive accessories Why not?

5. Read and give the correct answer:

We wear them to keep our hands warm. We wear it to keep our heads warm. We wrap it around our necks in winter.

'Levis' and 'Wranglers' are

Men usually wear one around their necks.

We wear them on our feet under footwear.

We wear it on top of our clothes to keep us warm.

It goes from the waist down, is most often worn by women and can be mini, knee or ankle length.

Trousers or a skirt with a matching jacket is called a


Fill in the missing letters in the


su_ t co_ _t shrt j ns

sw_ tcr b_ _ ts tr sers so_ks

ti ts sea f low r


T: Sometimes we use more than one adjective before noun. But there is the correct order for two or more adjectives. Look at the whiteboard.

Adjective before the noun

Size and Shape







8. Name the antonyms

9. Read and find the right definitions






patterned­to put on­to zip -


to try (smth) on- to dress in warm clothes

to wrap (smb) up -

to put on formal clothes for a special occasion

to dress up-

to put on a piece of

clothing to discover if it

fits you or if you like it




Try on the shoes to see if they fit.

wrap up wen - its com outsiae.

You don't need to go into the changing

rooms - just slip the jacket on over your


He dressed up as a cowboy for the party.

11. Memory test

Look and try to say

What are these persons in the picture wearing?


Конспект урока английского языка в 5-ом классе на тему "Одежда"

Выберите специальность, которую Вы хотите получить:

Обучение проходит дистанционно на сайте проекта "Инфоурок".
По итогам обучения слушателям выдаются печатные дипломы установленного образца.


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  • Иностранные языки

Последние десятилетия XX и начало XXI века ознаменовались глубокими изменениями политического, социально-экономического и социокультурного характера в российском обществе. Эти изменения оказали существенное влияние и на развитие образовательной сферы.

Современные тенденции обучения иностранным языкам предусматривают тесную взаимосвязь прагматического и культурного аспектов содержания с решением задач воспитательного и образовательного характера в процессе развития умений иноязычного речевого общения.


Данный урок по теме: «Одежда» обеспечивает реализацию следующих целей:

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·                   развитие личностных качеств школьника, его внимания, мышления, памяти и воображения в процессе участия в моделируемых ситуациях общения, ролевых играх, в ходе овладения языковым материалом;

·                   уметь на элементарном уровне описывать предмет/картинку, кратко характеризовать персонаж.

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