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Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему "Рождественские традиции" (5 класс)

Topic: Project. Recipes for Holy Supper

Suggested level – A1 elementary


  • to develop speaking skills of pupils through methods of interactive activity;

  • to revise and practice pupils’ vocabulary on the topic “Food”;

  • to teach pupils to write a recipe and comment the process of cooking;

  • to combine English practice with Ukrainian Christmas Traditions.

Equipment: text-book, cooking equipments, cards, pictures, pieces of sticky papers, spidergrams.



T: Glad to see you, children! I hope you are fine and in good mood, aren’t you? Do you like to celebrate New Year and Christmas? How do you celebrate them?

P1: We decorate New Year’s Tree!

P2: We prepare presents to our relatives and friends.

P3: My mother prepares Holy Supper. She cooks kutya, usvar, our favourite dishes: salads, cakes, apple pies.

P4: We visit our relatives , sing songs, collect donations.

T: Do you help your mother to cook?

P: Yes, we do.

T: Today we’ll learn to cook your favourite holiday dishes.


T: Let’s make our Holy Supper Menu.

Holy Supper Menu

Starter: Dessert:

Porrige ( Kutya) Chocolate Pudding

Usvar Apple Pie

Vegetable Salad Fruits

Fish Salad

Crab Salad

Carrot Salad

Cabbage Salad

Main Course: Drinks:

Mashed Potato Orange Juice

Pizza with Mushrooms Lemonade

Fried Fish Tea, Coffee

Stewed Pumpkin Compote


T: Let’s practice with verbs that show the process of cooking. Draw the Spidergram.



To boil to grill to mix to slice

To fill to fry to add to chop

To pour to bake to grate to peel

To put to stew to warm to skin


1. T. Choose any word you like and demonstrate the action.

- Look. I’m filling the kettle. What am I doing now?

P: – You are filling the kettle.

T: – What tense is used here?

P: - Present Continuous.

P: - I’m chopping an union.

T: - What is he doing now?

P: - He is chopping an union. P: - I’m mixing the vegetables.

P: - I’m peeling a potato. P: - I’m boiling

P: - I’m slicing a cucumber. P: - I’m grating cheese.

2. Work in Pairs. Make up word combinations with verbs. What can we do with potato?

Phello_html_m8de550a.gifotato peel, boil, fry, mash

Fhello_html_m8de550a.gifish, chicken boil, fry, grill, roast, stew

Vhello_html_6b11c135.gifegetable boil, peel, skin, chop, slice

Shello_html_6b11c135.gifpices, greens add, pour, decorate

Shello_html_4641c3ba.gifalt, oil, mayonnaise, pepper, sugar.

3. Make up adjectives from the given verbs:

To fry potato – fried potato to boil chicken – boiled chicken

To mash potato – mashed potato to grill fish – grilled fish

To chop garlic – chopped garlic to slice cheese – sliced cheese

To bake pie – baked pies to skin union – skinned union.

T: - I see you know the words. You are ready to make the project of your favourite dish. What dishes from our menu will you choose?

P: - I choose vegetable salad.

I choose crab salad.

I choose fish salad


T: Write the process of cooking your favourite dishes. ( Pupils describe the process of cooking their favourite dishes. They cut and stick pictures to decorate their projects.

VI. PROJECT PRESENTATION. Children present their projects, describe the process of cooking. Make the Gallery of posters.




T: The dishes are ready. You have already cooked them. Now you have to decorate and lay the table. First of all the Ukrainian hostess lay the table with embroided tablecloth.

P: - They put placemat to each place.

P: - Then they put plate in the middle of the placemat.

P: - Put a knife and a spoon on the right of the plate.

P: - Put a fork on the left.

P: - Put a cup opposite a knife.

P: - Put a plate for bread opposite the fork. Don’t forget to put out the table napkins for each place.

T: - I want to decorate our holiday supper with Christmas Tree. Do you know poems about Christmas. Let’s recite them.

It’s winter, it’s Christmas. A Happy New Year for me,

Look at me, Christmas tree! A Happy New Year for you,

There are big balls, A Happy New Year for everyone,

There are nice dolls, That’s what I want to do!

Many candies you can see.

Singing, dancing merrily, I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

Round the New Year’s tree. With every Christmas card I write

Happy New year, my friends, May your days be merry and bright

Happy New Year today. And may all your Christmases

Let us dance hand in hand. All your Christmases

I will show you the way. All your Christmas be White.


T: - I think you have learned how to write recipes, you learned many new words. You have made interesting and colorful projects. You are very hard-working pupils. Your marks are:

IX. HOMEWORK. Make up the recipes of British Christmas dishes using Ukrainian descriptions.

  • Иностранные языки

Урок отвечает языковым возможностям  учащихся 5 класса. На уроке учащиеся учатся  составлять традиционные рождественские рецепты, называть продукты, описывать процесы приготовления и коментировать свои дейсвия.

С помощью интерактивных форм обучения учащиеся практикуют употребление лексического материала по теме "Food",  Present Simple и  Present Continuous.

На уроке учащиеся учатся составлять меню и рецепты блюд. Дети готовят  проекты- постеры своих любимых рецептов,  используя свое творчество и мастерство. Презентация  проектов способствует развитию монологической речи учащихся.

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