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конспект "Примеры упражнений при обучении письму"

Примеры упражнений при обучении письму.

Упражнения и задания на формирование орфографических навыков.

  1. Correct any words spelled incorrectly.

Studing destroying hurryed

Reciept swiming regretted

Heard hopefuly happily

  1. Write the word ending in the suffix given.

Supply(ing) destroy(ed) apply(ed)

Lonely (ness) employ(s) beauty(ful)

  1. Find a word from a list which rhymes with each word given.

Go home white search store stuff come plumber

Wait cow

  1. Church b. hate c. rough

  1. Throw e. comb f. dumb

g. plough h. height i. summer

j. pour

4. Make the places where capital letters are needed in each sentence.

1. when they fly to switzerland they always take a Swissair flight from london.

2. at christmas they stayed at a frech hotel and at new year they stayed at a scottish hotel.

3. the grand hotel is famous for its restaurant.

4. the capital of the united states is washington.

Упражнения и задания на формирование навыков записи.

  1. A. Read this letter from Meg to her pen – friend, Fiona.

Dear, Fiona,

Thank you for your letter. It was nice to hear from you again.

Here is a photo of my brother and me at the beach. We went there last weekend. My dad took the photo. We went by car. The journey took about three hours. We stayed at my aunt’s house.

We had a great time. We made big sandcastles and we swam in the sea. We ate some big ice creams, too. They were delicious. Have you ever been to the beach?

Before we left, I sent you a postcard. Has it arrived yet?

Please write soon. Can you send me a photo of your family, too?

Your friend,


B. Write a letter to a pen- friend. Describe a trip to one of these places: a circus, the mountains, a park.

Write a letter like the one above but change the underlined words.

  1. A. Correct and write.

dear diary,

I have got a new friend her name is chloe she is a pretty fairy and she is sweet she lives in the forest she likes people she can help me


B. Answer and write.

1. What’s your friend’s name?

2. Where’ s he/she from?

3. What’s he/she like?

4. Has he/she got a pet?

5. What is it like?

6. Why do you like him/her?

  1. Read and tick.

A. A message can be:

Short long on a small piece of paper

In a notebook on the door on the table on the wall

B. Read and match

a. Your friend forgot his wallet b. You want salad for lunch.

c. You have a football match at 8.30 d. Your dad’s birthday is today.

Tom, please remember to phone me

Mum, please wake me up at 7 o’clock.

John, please buy me some tomatoes.

Mum, please remember to bake a cake

C. Read and write.

1. You must cancel your dance class.

Mrs. Gordon, I must cancel my dance lesson this evening. Jane

2. You’re leaving for the shops.

3. You need money to buy new boots.

4. A. Read and write.

Dear Diary,

This is how I prepare for a test.

First, I look at my notes.

……. , I look at the questions in my book. Then

………,I answer some practice questions. Finally

……., I check my answers with my friends. First

..I review the difficult points. Next

Now I’m ready for the test. Second

B. Think and write.

Dear Diary,

This is how I choose a CD.

First, I go to the music store. I look at the lyrics.

Second, I listen to some songs.

Then, I look at new CDs.

Next, I look at the price.

Finally, I go to the music store.

Now I’m ready to buy the CD.

5. Read and order. Tips for learning English.

1. Watch films in the English language.

2. Use a good dictionary.

3. Visit England.

4. Look at sings and advertisements.

5. Keep a language diary.

6. Write down new words.

7. Use an English – only dictionary.

8. Read a lot in English.

9. Get an English- speaking pen- friend.

Very important: ……………..

Important : ……………………..

Not important: ……………..

B. Think and complete

Tips for learning English

It’s very important to…………. and to ……………………….It’s important to ……………..and to ………It’s not very important to…………….or to……………..

C. Think and write.




D. Think and complete.

Tips for being healthy.

It’s very important to……………and to……………It’s important to……………. and to……………..It’s not very important to………….or to ……………………….

6. Interview three friends. Make notes about what they say.

Here are some questions which you can ask: What do you want to be when you grow up? Is this job well-paid? Is there anything which you don’t like about it? Will you have to study to do this? How long will you have to study? Do you think you will be a good doctor/ engineer etc?



Write a composition in four parts. In the first three parts, write about your three friends. In the fourth part say what you think about the professions which they have chosen. Have your friends made good choice? Will they be good doctors…………?

  • Иностранные языки

На различных этапах содержание обучения письму является различным и идет от простого к сложному.Путь к письменной речи длителен и сложен.

Орфография является одним из наиболее проблемных моментов в обучении письму. Предлагаю вашему вниманию упражнения на формирование орфографических навыков - рифмовка слов, закончите начатые слова, найдите ошибку в данных словах.

Обучение различным формам записи идет последовательно от стадии записи идей, ключевых предложений, трансформаций текстов к написанию собственных речевых произведений, различных по объему и характеру, упражнения на логическое развитие замысла, нахождение в текстах и предложениях ошибок, связанных с нарушением лексических, стилистических норм употребления. 

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