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конкурс знатоков английского языка

Конкурс знатоков английского языка

- Good morning boys and girls.I am very glad to see you.We are glad to welcome you to our competition.Our party is devoted to English language.Take your numbers.

1.Introducing teams

-You must introduce your teams,to say your names and mottos.

2.Answering the questions

1.You must have it to make sandwiches (bread)

2.What do you do when you are hungry?(eat)

3.Opposite of short (long)

4.The river in London(Thames)

5.What you do with your ears?(hear)

6.It is in the middle of your face(nose)

3.Name the words on the topic NATURE


4.Singing the song Grasshopper

5.Name the word expressions on the topic DAILY LIFE

Go to school,do exercises,do homework,to play chess,help about the house,watch TV,go to bed,come home,wash up,to take a shower

6.Irregular verbs

-Name three forms of the following verbs

Get up-got up-got up,have-had-had,know-knew-known,think-thought-thought,drink-drank-drunk,bring-brought-brought,buy-bought-bought,see-saw-seen,put-put-put,take-took-taken


-What numbers comes after 10,15,18,14,13,16,12,17,19

Before 16,12,11,17,18,10,14?

8.Name the words on the topic FOOD


-What is the English for суп,каша,хлеб,соль,чай,морковь.

9.Name the parts of the body(as many words you know)

10.Name animal that can swim,can jump,can eat meat,can eat grass.

11.Name four things you wear on your feet(boots,sandals,shoes,trainers)

Five things that keep you warm(sweater,jacket)

Three things that only women wear(bloude,dress)

Six things that both men and women can wear(T-shirts,sweater,trousers)

12.Guess what season it is

-The season between spring and autumn,when the sun is hot

-The season between winter and summer,when birds come back from hot countries

-The season between autumn and spring,when it is cold and there is a lot of snow

13.Guess riddles

1.A little old woman with 12 children –some short,some long,some hot?What is it?(a year)

2.What is without hands and without feet,without head and body,but can open a door?(the wind)

3.What is that can catch me in the garden and make me wet ,but cannot reach me when I am at home?(rain)

4.What man cannot live inside the house?(a snow man)

14.What holidays do English people celebrate

-in December?(Christmas)

-in January?(New Year)

-in February?(St.Valentines Day)

-in March ?(St.Patricks Day)

-in April?(Easter)

-in May?(Mothers Day)

-in june?(Fathers Day)

-in October?(Halloween)

15.Results of the competitions

-Our competition is over.Thanks for taking part in it.

  • Иностранные языки

Конкурс для учащихся средних классов, цель проведения проверка знаний. умений и навыков приоретенных за период обучения английскому языку в школе. 

Данный конкурс позволяет привить любовь к иностранному языку, к культуре других народов, дети показывают свою смекалку, свои знания, и это все помогает и заинтересовывает их учить английский язык еще лучше. Здесь выясняется. как учащиеся усвоили пройденную тему, как могут составлять предложения и правильно использовать лексику, играя ученики очень быстро запоминают слова, вспоминают и навсегда запоминают глаголы и прилагательные.

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