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Конкурс творческих исследовательских работ по иностранному языку для школьников общеобразовательных учреждений «Моѐ Святое Белогорье»

Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждение

«Новоуколовская средняя общеобразовательная школа»

Красненского района Белгородской области

Областной конкурс творческих исследовательских работ

по иностранному языку для школьников

общеобразовательных учреждений

«Моѐ Святое Белогорье»

My holy Belgorodia


ученица 9 класса Есина Елена

учитель английского языка

Н.Н. Саламахина

МОУ «Новоуколовская средняя

общеобразовательная школа»

Новоуколово 2014

For songs of meadows

And rain of stars,

For snow white and blue.

My holy Belgorodia,

My dear Novoukolovo,

I love you.

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Dear friends! Welcome to my native village Novoukolovo. We do hope that this visit will be interesting and useful to you.

There are many beautiful cities and towns in the world. But I completely agree with the English proverb 'There's no place like home", because I also have a birthplace and I am proud of it. I live in a beautiful village not far from Krasnoye District. It is in the central part of Russia, in Belgorod region. There is no future without past. There are a lot of the unknown facts in the history of my homeland.

That’s why I’d like to tell you about our holy places – about the churches in two villages Novoukolovo and Staroukolovo. The purpose of our research is studying of the history of these two places which have been almost connected in a whole one and have quite poor descriptions of the history of churches that survived until our days. We have found only some sources which helped us to learn a lot of interesting facts about it.

There are several versions of the origin of the word "Ukolovo", but the most interesting is the story about the first countryman Psarev Vukol who lived in our village. Later his name and surname were transformed into "Zarevukolov" and then our village got the name Novoukolovo. In 1650 seigniorial children of the village Novoukolovo decided to build a Church. Although it is difficult to assume that locals did without the Temple. But, as stated in "Chronological index of churches in Voronezh diocese", the first Church in the village was built in 1650, and was consecrated in honor of Vladimir icon of the God’s Mother, revered defender of the Russian state.

The Temple was built qualitatively and conscience, because that stood for 118 years, and only in 1768 in Stroukolovo was built a new Church with side-altar

of Saint Paraskeva Pyatnitsa (Friday). We have learned that it served no long.


In 1800, instead of wood and old building was built new stone church. It was not consecrated for some reason for a long time. The Church historian archimandrite Dimitri gives the following information: date of building a stone Church with a bell tower- 1809, when at the Church was built tomb, there were 1450 parishioners. In

1781 in the Church served as a priest

Andrey Grigoriev. Until 1853 villagers of two settlements visited one Church, which functioned in Stroukolovo, The official date of building Novoukolovo Church is 1853 and the date of its consecration in honor of Vladimir icon of the God’s Mother is 1859. All these facts we have found in "Chronological index of the churches of Voronezh’s diocese". Perhaps there was the confusion with the names of the villages, as the result of it we have got some chronological mistakes. In the XIX-XX centuries the villages had double names: village of Novoukolovo (King-Ukolovo), the village of Old-Ukolovo (The king of Ukolova).


According to the stories of old-timers, the Church in Novoukolovo had got unusual architecture and did not look like the Churches of surrounding villages. There were a lot legends about the Church fence and the garden at the Church. The Members of the Church in Novoukolovo, and they numbered about two thousand, brought eggs to make the solution stronger. The Bells of the temple,

according to eyewitnesses, have heard even the inhabitants of another villages. In the Temple of Novoukolovo was an ancient gospel, which was printing in 1677.

For many decades in the twentieth century the residents of Phlugovka, Shidlovka, Marievka did their religious needs in the Temple of Staroukolo. Although the Church was built by the landlord Ivan Shidlov in Shilovka in 1815, went parishioners of the village Larinovka Noviy Oskol district of Kursk province.

After the Great October revolution the Church was closed. In 30-s, when it was created Flyugovskaya MTS, in this holy building was placed the repair shops. The direction of the state farm saw that the faces of the saints did not match with hardwares, repeatedly sent women with hoes to scrape icons that were painted with paints on wet plaster. But this affair nothing came out. About a century and a half has passed, and the icons in the Temple, despite the rain, frost and wind are visible now.

Almost forty years there were no churches in both places. And only in the late 90's thanks to the efforts of believers, care farms, and most importantly to the efforts of father Sergiy (S. M. Coly) revived the Temple in the village Staroukolovo. Starokyivska the Church was restored, and The Church in Novoukolovo is still destroyed.

D:\Мультимедиа\TEXT\Андрей\отчет фото декабрь 2009\классный час Учителями 054.jpg

And now we have got the Temple only in Staroukolovo. It’s the place where believers can pray and ask The Got about the restoration of the Temple in Novoukolovo. Our village is very nice. We have got many interesting traditions such as national art exhibitions, festivals of folk and modern songs. Every year on the 10th of November we celebrate the day of the village. It is a Christian holiday - the Birth of the Holy Paraskeva Friday. There are some events that arc typical on that day: fairs and flowers competitions. People dance, sing folk songs, eat Russian traditional food. Every year many guests from different places visit our village on that day.

We hope that very soon the villagers of my native place Novoukolovo will celebrate their Holy Day in a new, beautiful Temple.


  • Иностранные языки

За песни лугов,

За звездные дожди,

За белизну и синеву снегов.

Моя святая Белгородия,

Мое родное Новоуколово,

 Люблю вас и пою вам вновь.


           Дорогие друзья! Добро пожаловать в мое родное село Новоуколово. Мы действительно надеемся, что этот визит будет интересен и полезен для Вас!

        Есть много красивых больших и малых городов на свете. Я хотела бы посетить некоторых из них, увидеть своими собственными глазами,  о которых  я прочитала или услышала. Но я полностью согласна с английской пословицей « Нет лучше    места,  чем  дом ", потому что у меня тоже есть место, где я родилась, и я горжусь им.  

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