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Главная / Иностранные языки / Комплект заданий по подготовке к заданию № 2 устной части ЕГЭ 2015

Комплект заданий по подготовке к заданию № 2 устной части ЕГЭ 2015

Yhello_html_3bbdcea1.pngour father offers you to invite your mother to the café to celebrate Mother’s Day. Ask him about:

  • the place the café is situated;

  • meals they offer;

  • music and entertainments at the café;

  • the prices and discounts;

  • the kinds of plants to be presented to Moms.


You are having dinner at home. You don’t like the food your father/mother cooked for today. He\She offers you to eat out for a change and asks you to phone to the restaurant. Ask about:

  • the types of food available;

  • if it is possible to order a family dinner;

  • the time of coming;

  • special offers;

  • if there is any food for people with special needs.

Yhello_html_m41f78e55.pngou are talking to your family. You want to organize an end-of-the-year party. You are going to order food and entertainments. Ask questions to the members of the family and to the manager of the café. Ask about:

  • the number of people to be invited;

  • when and where to hold a party;

  • the prices

  • food and drinks to order;

  • if the café can provide

  • entertainments.


Your family is going to travel. Your wife/husband asks you to find a travel agency and choose a tour. Ask questions to the travel agent about:

  • transport provided by the agency;

  • if they arrange trips abroad

  • the names of the countries possible to travel to;

  • the way of arranging sightseeing tours

  • responses of the tourists available to be read.


Your family is going to buy a house. You phone to the agency and ask about:

  • the surroundings;

  • if the school is far from the house;

  • the number of bedrooms;

  • the price;

  • if there is a children’s playground next to.

Yhello_html_7e5a1af6.pngour family will soon celebrate a wedding of one of the members. Get a piece of advice of a designer of the clothes shop. Ask about:

  • types of clothes the shop provides;

  • sizes and colours;

  • accessories;

  • if credits are possible;

  • the working-hours of the shop.


You and your sister/brother are discussing a new coming baby with your mother. Ask her about:

  • if it is going to be male or female;

  • arranging a fun party to meet the baby;

  • any new duties you will get;

  • things to buy;

  • nhello_html_m49defcf.pngurse to find.

You and other members of your family are talking about plans for the forthcoming holidays. Ask the tourist agent about:

  • activities for children there;

  • the price for family rooms;

  • the amount of discounts;

  • if children are allowed;-

  • if there is a car park.

  • Иностранные языки

Одним из заданий в устной части ЕГЭ 2015 является необходимость построить 5 прямых вопросов. 

В комплекте подобраны картинки по теме "Семья". Используются различные аспекты данной темы. Задания продуманы так, чтобы учащиеся тренировали разнообразные типы вопросов одновременно с повторением темы "Семья". 

Очень хорошо, если после постановки вопросов, будут на них даны ответы. 

Картинки могут быть использованы и для описания. В таком случае вопросы могут стать планом ответа. 

Кроме этого данные задания могут быть использованы при подготовке к экзамену в 9 классе.

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