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Комплект материалов для проведения конкурса по английскому языку "Best of the Best"

1. What river does London stand on?

  1. What four parts does the United Kingdom consist of?

3. What is the name of the English Queen?

4. What is the oldest university in England?

5. What is the most important holiday in Great Britain?

6. What is the Queen’s residence in London?

7. What large city in the USA is called the “Gateway to America”?

8. What is the capital of the USA?

9. Who is the King of Rock’n’Roll?

10. How many states are there in the USA?

11. When was America discovered?

12. What is the name of the first President of the USA?

13. How many red and white stripes are there on the US flag?

14. How old is Kazan?

15. What Tatar writers and poets do you know?

16. What famous people lived in Yelabuga?

17. Which official languages are spoken in Canada?

18. What is the oldest place in Kazan?

19. What are the colours of the state flag of Tatarstan?

20. What is Naberezhnye Chelny famous for?

21. What river in the USA is called the “father of all rivers”?


Роза- астра – кувшинка –

незабудка – тюльпан - георгин –

List: a dahlia, a tulip, a rose, a daffodil, an aster, a forget-me-not, a water-lily


волк - лиса – медведь – кролик –

ворона – ёж – лягушка –

мышь – попугай - корова -

4. джакузи жалюзи баккара



1. How do you do?

2. Where are you from?

3. Where are you going?

4. How are you?

5. How old are you?

6. I am a student.

7. I am 17 years old.

8. I am from Tatarstan.

9. I am going to the college.

6. the Thames the Ob the Ik the Bug the Kama

the Lena the Severn the Zai the Tura

the Sheshma the Oskol the Neva

the Yemancha the Kuban the Mesha

the Moskva the Shilna the Urshak

the Vyatka the Don


Water – Gold – Hydrogen –

Oxygen -


борьба – кёрлинг – скачки –

водное поло – баскетбол –

9. Изобретатели и их изобретения: (соотнести слова в колонках)

1. Morse a. an engine

2. Mackintosh b. television

3. Babbage c. dot-dash code

4. Zvorykin d. lightning-rod

5. Colt e. material for raincoats

6. Diesel f. a computer

7. Franklin g. a pistol

10. Физика: (составить из данных слов следующее высказывание. Есть лишние слова)

Фарадей не получил академического образования, но сделал много открытий в области физики, поэтому одна из единиц электричества названа в его честь.

Faraday chemistry didn’t get academic education,

Adam but he made many discoveries

are in the field of physics, is called after him

that’s why one of the units of electricity

11. Вычислительная техника: ( в тексте 7 ошибок – орфография, грамматика, логика)

Computer was invented in China. The ‘fathers’ of the computer is Charles Babbage. The unit of storage of information are byte. Each byte has 7 bits. The computer can’t work with Software. Thanks to Bill Gates we have Macrosoft Software. Many people uses this Software today.

12. Техническая терминология: (закончить предложения)

1. We cannot imagine a. the power of nature and


2. First people had b. was the lathe

3. Then they began to use c. country is Japan

4. The first automatic machine d. to apply their own power

5. With lathe such processes e. our life without machines

6. The most robotized f. as drilling, turning are


13. Логика: (составить диалог и прочесть его)

1. – I need a secretary who can type well and fast.

  • As I said in my letter, Mr Brown, I type well and fast.

  • I need a secretary who can take good shorthand.

  • I take good shorthand.

  • I need a secretary who has a good voice on the telephone.

  • I talked to you on the telephone, Mr Brown.

  • Yes, true. Well, then, the job is yours, Miss Wesley

Thank you. Glad to hear that.

2. – What do you do in your free time?

  • Oh, I go dancing and I go to the cinema. What do you do?

  • I play football and go swimming.

  • You like sport.

  • Yes. I do it regularly. It keeps me fit.

  • And what work do you do?

  • I work in a bank. My job is stressful but I find it interesting.

Oh, I see.

3. – I feel very tired these days.

  • Well, you shouldn’t go to bed so late


  • Oh! No. I’m also getting a little fat.

  • That’s easy. You shouldn’t eat so much


  • No. I get headaches in the evening.

  • You shouldn’t watch so much television.

  • I suppose not. What about my sore throat? That isn’t because of television.

You shouldn’t smoke so much.

4. – What were you doing when I rang an hour ago? Were you still asleep?

  • No. I was having breakfast when the phone rang.

  • Having breakfast – at ten o’clock?

  • I had a late night last night. I was working until midnight.

  • Working?

  • Yes – well, most of the time.

  • I see. That’s why you are looking so tired and sleepy now. You need to have a good rest today.


5. – I’d like to work in a hospital. I’d like to be a nurse.

  • A nurse? I’m a nurse sometimes.

  • Or I’d like to work in an office. As a secretary.

  • I’m a secretary too – sometimes.

  • And I’d like to be a teacher. They have nice long holidays.

  • I’m a teacher – sometimes. But I don’t get long holidays.

  • All those jobs at the same time? Where do you work?

At home. As a wife and mother.

6. – Where can I see a football match?

  • Well, at Wembley, I suppose. Or at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea play there.

  • And where can I play football?

  • At a football ground.

  • I like listening to music as well. Where can I listen to music?

  • At the Festival Hall.

  • And lastly, where can I buy a good book?

At Boyles in West Street.

7. – How can I fly to Madrid?

You can fly from Gatwick.

  • How many flights are there?

  • There are eight flights a day.

  • So I leave Gatwick Airport for Madrid, and then take a connecting flight.

  • Thats right, sir. There are four connecting flights every day.

  • Good. Thank you very much.

I hope you enjoy the flight, sir

8. What do you know about him? Whats his name?

  • Seems John. Really he is not among my close friends.

  • How old is he?

  • Twenty-five, I think.

  • Twenty-five…. Oh, no. I don’t think so.

  • Well, I’m not sure.

  • He’s younger than that.

All right, twenty-three, perhaps, or twenty-two.

  • Иностранные языки

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