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Texts and contexts in Shakespeare

S hakespeare’s characters, stories and themes have been, and still are, a source of meaning and significance for every

generation. Their relevance lies in the virtually endless opportunities for reinterpretation and local application

of familiar human relationships and passions. The plays are populated with fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, wives,

husbands, brothers and sisters. (…) students of all ages can recognise and identify with such relationships. Similarly, they

can explore other relationships of lovers, friends and enemies, masters and servants.’ (Gibson, 1998, p.2)

‘A distinction has to be drawn, first of all between difficulty of language, and difficulty of thought. Simple language can

express a complex thought: “to be or not to be, that is the question”. Conversely, complex language can express a simple

thought’. (Crystal and Crystal, 2004, p.11)

‘Shakespeare was clearly fascinated by language. He was acutely conscious of its use, power and limitations; every play

displays this awareness. Language is action and Shakespeare’s characters reveal themselves through it. (….) the language

of the plays is energetic, vivid and sensuous. Its difficulties are enabling difficulties. [Readers] gain a sense of achievement

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