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An American architect was visiting London. He

was on a business trip but he also wanted to see

all the famous buildings in London. The American

did not have much time so he stopped a taxi and

asked the driver to take him to all the old and

famous buildings in London, The taxi driver drove

him to the Tower of London." This is the Tower of

London. It was a prison in the old days," he said.

The American looked at the building and said," It

is so small. In America we could build this in a

day." The taxi driver took the American to

Westminster Abbey. He said," This is a famous

church. Kings and queens get married here." The

American looked at the old building and

said,"Huh. In America we could build this church

in two days," The driver decided to take the

American to a bigger church so he drove him to St

Paul's Cathedral. He stopped outside the church

and said," This is the most famous church in

England. The great architect Christopher Wren

built this church." The American got out of the taxi

and looked at the church," Huh, In America we

could build this church in three days." he said.

Next the driver took the American to the Houses

of Parliament." This is where British politicians

meet. "Huh." the American said. "We could build

this in four days." The driver drove past

Buckingham Palace, the home of Queen Elizabeth.

As the taxi passed the palace, the American said,

"Hey. What is this big and beautiful building" The

taxi driver looked at the palace and said,

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