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Грамматические тесты для учащихся 10-11 классов.

Тест № 1

.1 found my lost pen while I ... for my pencil


a) look c) was looking

b) looked d) am looking

2. When my friend studied abroad, his parents ... him every week.

a) phone c) had phoned

b) was phoning d) phoned

3. When I got home I realized that I ... my wallet.

a) lose c) had lost

b) lost d) has lost

4. When you ... to the Chinese restaurant next time, what will you eat?

a) go c) goes

b) will go d) would go

5. The man ... by the police yesterday, but he denies robbing the bank.

a) arrest c)is arrested

b) was arrested d) had been arrested

6. It's raining, but if you take your umbrella, you ... wet.

a) don't get c) won't get

b) didn't get d) doesn't get

7. Last year Helen was staying with her brother while her house ... .

a) repaired c) was repaired

b) was being repaired d) had been repaired

8. Cars are fast and convenient. On the other hand they ... problems in cities.

a) cause c) has caused

b) caused d) will cause

9. When I ... up yesterday, I was told this good news.

a) wake c) woken

b) woke d) has woken

10. We ... come to your party, but it depends on our finding a babysitter.

a) may c) has to

b) couldn't d) mustn't

11. Our teacher is a reliable person, we ... trust everything to her.

a) shouldn't c) is able

b) can d) must

12. I'll feel ... when my exams are over.

a) happy c) more happily

b) happily d) happiest

13. I felt ... because I had fever.

a) badly c) worse

b) bad d) the worst

14. Have you ever seen a film at ... Embassy cinema?

a) - c) an b)a d)the

15. I don't like to have ... animals in my flat.

a)the c) an

b) — d) some

16. Excuse me, could you move. I can't see ... .

a) something c) nothing

b) anything d) none

17. ... is at home and no one knows where they are.

a) Anybody c) Everybody

b) Somebody d) Nobody

18. I'd like to thank everybody who has helped me ... this experiment.

a) in c) at

b) on d) with

19. He wanted to borrow my bike ... the weekend but I couldn't lend it to him.

a) to c) for

b)in d)on

20. My cat catches a lot of ... .

a) mouse c) the mice

b) mice d) a mouse

2.Turn from Direct into Indirect speech.

  1. Kate said:”Mike do you like my dress?

2.The woman said:”I am glad I am here.”

3.”Go home,”said the teacher to us.

4.”Don't sit up late”said the doctor to Mary.

5.Ruslan said”What did you buy yesterday”.

3.Turn from Active into Passive.

1.I spent all my money on books last month.

2.My Granny is watering flowers now.

3.The postman brought newspapers every day.

4.Children have already done their homework.

5.They will grow apple trees.

Тест № 2

1. If I ... lots of money, I'll help the poor.

a) will have c) had

b) have d) would have

2. The trouble with you is that you always ... . I don't like it.

a) are complaining c) had complained

b) were complaining d) complain

3. I ... her a letter and sent it off immediately.

a) had written c) was writing

b) will write d) wrote

4. I'm afraid my hands are a bit dirty. I ... in the garden since morning.

a) have been working c) work

b) was working d) worked

5. By the year 2100 most of the Earth's natural resources ... up.

a) will use c) will have been used

b) will be used d) will be using

6. The first person who ... the finishing line is the winner.

a) crosses c)crossed

b) cross d) will cross

7. My trousers ... ironing. Have you got an iron?

a) needs c) will need

b) need d) had

8. What happens in your class? ... lectures every day?

a) Had the teachers read c) Do the teachers read

b) Did the teachers read d) Are the teachers reading

9. If you ... me a song, I will sing it at the concert.

a) write c) has written

b) will write d) had written

10.1 disapprove of people who ... all sorts of promises which they have no intention of keeping.

a) made c) have made

b) makes d) make

11. When the burglar ran out of the house he ... by a policeman.

a) arrested c) had been arrested

b) was arrested d) would be arrested

12. I think you ... practise driving every day to become a safe driver.

a) can't c) should

b) might d) has to

13. You ... have my car if you like. I shan't be using it tomorrow.

a) had to c) may

b) are to d) must

14. ... war between these two countries was the longest in history.

a) - с) а

b)the d)those

15. On my way home I saw a terrible fire. Luckily the fire brigade soon came and put out ... fire.

a) a c) -

b) the d)such

16. There are ... things that money can't buy.

a) any c) some

b) much d) something

17. Helen had to pay extra at the airport because she had too ... luggage.

a) much c) little

b) many d) few

18. There is a newspaper shop ... the end of the street.

a) at c) on

b) in d) by

19. ... we get to the theatre, the play will have started.

a) until c) as soon as

b) by the time d) whenever

20. Nowadays there are many good reasons for using bicycles ... cars to travel in city centers.

a) instead of c) except for

b) but d) such as

2.Turn from Direct into Indirect speech.

1.Timur said:”I had an argument with Tom yesterday”.

2.“Don’t sit up late,”said the doctor to Mary.”

3.”Have you ever seen any plays by Shakespeare?”Ann said.

4.Alec said:”Where do you live Mike?”

5.“Look at my stamps father”Amir said.

3.Turn from Active into Passive.

1.He stole a lot of money from the bank.

2.They sell milk in this shop.

3We are building this house now.

4.They have written a letter.

5.My sister will buy a nice dress tomorrow.

Тест № 3

1. An Englishman very seldom ... on the Underground. He prefers to read newspapers.

a) talk c) is talking

b) talks d) has talked

2. If you ... with the traffic regulations, you will get into trouble with the police.

a) aren't complied c) don't comply

b) won't comply d) wouldn't comply

3.1 ... whether you are telling the truth or not and if you are telling a lie, I will never believe you again.

a) shall know c) should know

b)know d)knew

4. Whose horse you ... when I saw you yesterday?

a) were riding c) was riding

b) did ride d) rode

5. Do you know the time? It ... to me it's about two o'clock.

a) seem c) seemed

b) seems d) will seem

6. Tom met me at lunch time and said, "I ... you at the bus stop this morning".

a) haven't seen c) didn't see

b) not seen d) hadn't seen

7. Since my first visit to this city many new houses ... here and it has become very noisy.

a) are built c) had been built

b) were built d) have been built

8. My doctor says, "A week in the country ... you feel better". I want to follow his advice.

a) made c) will make

b) has made d) is making 9.1 don't like that she always ... with you.

a) arguing c) had argued

b)argue d)is arguing

10.1 noticed that it ... all night and everything was wet.

a) was raining c) rained

b) had been raining d) has been raining

11. She ... him your message as soon as she sees him.

a) give c) will give

b) gives d) gave

12. Yesterday I was going home on foot and all the time I had an impression that I ... .

a) am followed c) followed

b) was followed d) was being followed

13. ... you remember what you were doing at this time yesterday?

a) can c) must

b) may d) should

14. We moved last week and now we have a much ... flat.

a) good c) best

b) better d) the best

15. The Mediterranean is not as ... as the Pacific Ocean.

a) larger c) largest

b) large d)the largest

16. I didn't expect to see him there. He was ... last person I wanted to see.

a) the с) а

b) - d) one

17. I didn't know ... answer to that question, so I left it out.

a)the c) an

b) - d) no

18.1 don't go swimming very ... nowadays.

a) many c) few

b) much d) a little

19. Excuse me, there is ... I'd like to ask you.

a) anything c) something

b) everything d) none

20. A combination of the use of bicycles ... cheap public transport solves the problem of traffic jams in large cities.

a) with c) of

b) by d) in

2.Turn from Direct into Indirect speech.

1.“Why did our team lose the game?”said Vera.

2.”Don't cross the street under the red iight”Mother said.

3.”I had a nice party yesterday”Alec.

4”Where were you last Sunday, Kate?Alice said.

5.Rustam said:”Please help me with this work,Aziz”.

3. Turn from Active into Passive.

1.I am doing my homework.

2.Did Ann draw this picture?

3.Helen washes dishes every day.

4.My brother has already done his homework.

5.We shall buy a new car tomorrow.

Тест №4

1. There ... several groups of people in Britain that try to protect the environment.

a) is c) was

b) are d) were

2. Money ... the root of all evil in our life.

a) are c) have been

b) were d) is

3. This time next week I ... on a beach in the Crimea.

a) shall lie c) will be lying

b) lie d) was lying 4.1 just ... some soup. Would you like some?

a) have made c) had made

b) made d) had to

5. Jim told me that he ... in the school basketball team.

a) plays c) will play

b) had played d) is playing

6. Some birds, such as parrots, ... alive and sold as pets.

a) catch c) will be caught

b)caught d)are caught

7. He is used to working late at the office. He ... it every day.

a) do c) did

b) does d) will do

8. The boy ... a bicycle along the motorway when he was hit by the car.

a) ride c) has been riding

b) rode d) was riding

9. The boy ... to hospital by the driver of the car.

a) was taken c) had been taken

b) took d) will take

10. As soon as the traffic ... the children ran across the road.

a)stop c)stopped

b) had stopped d) will stop

11. How long you ... for me? - For half an hour.

a) are waiting c) do wait

b) did wait d) have been waiting

12. People ... prevent pollution of the rivers before it gets worse.

a) could c) must

b) need d) had to

13. If you are spoiled as a child you ... have a lot of problems in adult life.

a) must c) could

b) may d) should

14. The more you work the ... you'll pass your exams.

a) good c) best

b) better d) the best

15. In Britain you officially become ... adult on your eighteenth birthday.

a) the c) -

b) an d)a

16. What plant does your father work at? - He works at ... plant down the road.

a) a c) -

b)the d)those

17. Shall we have ... dinner today? - Don't worry, at the end of the conference they will serve a dinner.

a) - c) the

b) a d) an

18. Whose spectacles are these? - ... are on the table, and these are my spectacles.

a)your c) our

b) yours d)their

19. Most visitors to Britain aren't used to driving ... the left and have a lot of problems.

a) to c) in

b) at d) on

20. Don't forget to thank Martin ... coming. He risked his life to get there.

a) in c) at

b) by d) for

2.Turn from Direct into Indirect speech.

1.“Why did our team lose the game?”said Vera.

2.She said to me:”Were you present at the meeting yesterday”

3.She said:”I am proud of my mother”

4.”Don't forget to bring your books children”Teacher said.

5.Mother said:”Come at 9 o'clock”.

3.Turn from Active into Passive.

1.My granny drinks medicine every day.

2.My mother is cooking cakes now.

3.He will take books from the library tomorrow.

4.My friend met Betty at the station yesterday.

5.They haven't translated the article yet.

Тест №5

1. My mother is ill. She will stay in bed until she ... better.

a) get c) will get

b) gets d) is getting

2. When he lived in London, he ... a lot of time in the muse ums.

a) spend c)spent

b) had spent d) was spending

3. I ... by the door for a long time until someone opened it.

a) wait c) waited

b) am waiting d) had been waiting

4. It's raining. I hope you ... your car outside.

a) won't repair c) didn't repair

b) don't repair d) were not repaired

5. In two years' time my parents ... for twenty-five years.

a) will be married c) are married

b) will have been married d) have been married

6. They said they would not work after 6 p.m. if you ... them overtime.

a) won't pay c) didn't pay

b) don't pay d) not pay

7. When I ... her, I waved her, but she didn't noticed me.

a) had seen c) see

b) saw d) have seen

8. Where were you at about three yesterday afternoon? -Oh, I ... my car at that time.

a) was repairing c) had been repairing

b) repaired d) had repaired

9. My sister will not finish medical training until she ... twenty-tree.

a) will be c) have been

b) is d) are

10. Do you know what you ... in your life by the year 2020?

a) will achieve c) will have achieved

b) achieve d) will be achieved

11 What a surprise! There ... a fall in the cost of living lately-

a) has been c) will be

b) had been d) was

12.1 decided to have some English lessons so that I ... practise when I come to the US.

a) can c) may

b) must d) should

13. If you telephone early next week, the secretary ... give you your exam results.

a) must c) may ,

b) can d) will be able to

14. The man said to me, "Just don't park your car ... my gate again. O.K.?"

a) far c) behind

b) nearly d) in front of

15. ... young nowadays have a very cynical attitude to the police.

a) the c) an

b)a d) -

16. ... old people sometimes feel lonely.

a) - c) an

b) the d) this

17. The government is going to provide ... houses for homeless people.

a) most c) few

b) much d) more

18. ... is wrong with the car, and it won't start.

a) anything c) nothing

b) something d) everything

19. Prices go up and up. Everything gets ... expensive.

a) most c) more

b)least d) less

20.1 won't do the job ... being paid for it.

a) with c) without

b) out d) by

2.Turn from Direct into Indirect speech.

1.Tom said:”I haven,t yet seen this film”.

2.My friend said:”Did you live in Dushanbe 10 years ago?”

3.Mary asked:”When will your parents arrive in Moscow?”

4.Teacher said:”Don't be afraid Nick”

5.Mother said: “Show me your exercise book.”

3.Turn from Active into Passive.

1.My father looked through these papers this morning.

2.Somebody has opened the door.

3.They are selling delicious fruit ice cream there now.

4.Snow will cover the fields in winter.

5.They teach three foreign languages at this school.

Тест №6

1. The passengers were tired because they ... all night.

a) didn't sleep c) don't sleep

b) hadn't slept d) won't sleep

2. Where is your umbrella? - Oh, it seems to me I ... it on the bus.

a) left c) had left

b) have left d) will leave

3. Bill said that he ... the tickets for the performance the day before.

a) had bought c) was buying

b) bought d) would buy

4. She said she didn't know where her friend ... .

a) is c) has been

b) was d) will be

5. When we reached the theatre, there ... any tickets left.

a) wasn't c) hadn't been

b) were not d) aren't

6. When I finally found the house and knocked at the door, I ... no answer.

a) heard c) didn't hear

b) have heard d) won't hear

7.1 don't know where Susan is. Maybe she ... in the garden reading a book.

a) sits c) was sitting

b) is sitting d) will be sitting

8. My brother ... when I use his computer without asking.

a) doesn't like c) don't like

b) didn't like d) like

9. You can have the book on Monday. I ... it by that time.

a) read c) will be reading

b) will read d) will have read

10. Unless we leave now, the film will have started when we ... there.

a) get c) would get

b) will get d) got

11. When we ... home last night we saw a lot of stars twinkling in the sky.

a) drove c) are driving

b) drive d) were driving

12. Many species of animals are threatened, and ... easily become extinct if people do not make an effort to protect them.

a) can c) might

b) must d) have to

13. Last week we ... write an essay about the causes of the French Revolution.

a) must c) may

b) could d) had to

14.1 think the film was terrible! It was ... film I have ever seen.

a) terrible c) most terrible

b) more terrible d) the most terrible

15. Nobody in our group knows ... about England than Peter does.

a) much c) most

b) more d) the most

16. My mother wants me to play ... piano, but I want to buy a guitar.

a) the c) -

b) a d) mine

17. I had ... wonderful dream last night. I wish it would come true.

a) a c) -

b) the d) such

18. They say that in future the officials will demand a fine if ... breaks the law.

a) everyone c) someone

b) everybody d) all

19. When we arrived ... the station, we ate a sandwich, drank a cup of coffee and waited for the train.

a)to c)in

b) at d) for

20. If the weather is fine tomorrow, I'll go ... a cycle ride.

a) at c) by

b) on d) for

2.Turn from Direct into Indirect speech.

1.”What have you already drawn”Tom said.

2.”Lock the door when you live the house”.

3. She said:”I am very busy today”

4.”Don't make noise”father said.

5.”Have you ever been to Paris?”Tom said.

3.Turn from Active into Passive.

1.I am doing my homework.

2.They teach three foreign languages.

3.They didn't turn off the gas.

4.He has just written a letter.

5.They will draw a picture.

Тест №7

I'm sure I ... the door of my house.

a) lock c) have locked

b) locked d) had locked

The inspector suspects that the thief ... a special key for opening this safe.

a) will use c) had used

b) has used d) use

3. When are you going to finish this translation? - I... it by tomorrow.

a) will finish c) will have finished

b) will be finishing d) would finish

4. Have you heard the news? I ... my last exam yesterday.

a) passed c) had passed

b) have passed d) was passing

5. He says that he doesn't know where he ... after graduating from university.

a) work c) had worked

b) will work d) would work

6. When you ... older, you will understand everything.

a) grow c) will grow

b) grows d) have grown

7. As a rule the most important news ... broadcast on this channel.

a) are c) is

b) were d) had been

8. There ... hardly any furniture in his room. He hasn't even a chair to sit on.

a) is c) were '

b) are d) have been

9. The rich collection of Hermitage regularly ... millions of people.

a) attract c) have attracted

b) attracts d) would attract

10. When my mother returns home she ... at once that we have redecorated our flat.

a) will see c) has seen

b)sees d)saw

11. He ... the car for many hours before he came to the crossroads.

a) drives c) had been driving

b) was driving d) has driven

12. We ... along the forest road when it started raining.

a) were walking c) walked

b) had been walking d) had walked

13. Sorry, I ... stay any longer, but I really must go home.

a) mustn't c) cannot

b) couldn't d) may not

14. This is ... problem I've ever had in my life.

a) difficult c) most difficult

b) more difficult d) the most difficult

15. When ... "Titanic" was crossing the Atlantic she struck an iceberg.

a) - c) the

b) a d) an

16. The weather is fine today, but I don't like ... hot weather.

a) - с) а

b)the d) an

17. Some women tint their hair when ... goes grey.

a) they c) its

b) it d) them

18. Your news ... very important to us.

a) are c) aren't

b) is d) were

19.1 think it's important ... young people to get a good education.

a) for c) about

b) by d) among

20. They left ... Moscow some years ago and live there now.

a) to c) for

b) in d) at

2.Turn from Direct into Indirect speech.

1”Take tram number 5”said the man.

2.”How can I get to the circus?”asked the girl.

3.”I am very sorry,Kate”said Mike.

4.”Do you often meet my sister at the library?”

5.”Don't forget to turn off the gas”mother said.

3.Turn from Active into Passive.

Snow will cover the fields in winter.

2.She always invites meto her dinner party.

3.I didn't leave the window open.

4.They have told us a lot of interesting things.

5.We are discussing an important question.

Тест №8

1. Before I came to the office the manager already ... the documents.

a) signed c) was signing

b) had signed d) will sign

2. Peter ... his TV-set when I came to see him yesterday.

a) repaired c) was repairing

b) had been repairing d) has repaired

3.1 hoped that my article ... in this magazine soon.

a) will be published c) would have been published

b) would be published d) would publish

4. If you ... hard, you will enter the university.

a) work c) are working

b) will work d) have worked

5.1 ... him for three years. I wonder where he is.

a) didn't see c) don't

b) haven't seen d) hadn't

6. My mother ... in this school for twenty-five years.

a) is teaching c) has been teaching

b)taught d) teaches

7.1 want to post this letter, but I ... to go out in the rain.

a) don't want c) hadn't wanted

b) didn't want d) not want

8.1 need the car to get to the match. I ... on Sunday.

a) played c) have played

b) am playing d) have been playing

9. My neighbour used to be such a hard worker, but now he ... interest in everything.

a) lose c) has lost

b)loses d) lost

10. I'm so sorry. The camera which you lend me ... .

a) break c) had been broken

b) broken d) has been broken

11. Yesterday l ... finish the work because I was very tired.

a) could c) can't

b) couldn't d) mustn't

12. Last week he said I ... use the car at the weekend but now he won't let me after all.

a) can c) was able to

b) could d) must

13. I'm afraid I can't do it ... than you.

a) good c) best

b) better d) the best

14. Be quiet! I don't want to discuss the matter any ... .

a) more c) the most

b) most d) much more

15. ... people cannot live without water and air.

a) the с) а

b) - d) this

16. Before her marriage she lived in London, where she worked for ... National Gallery.

a) - с) а

b)the d)that

17. Haven't you read ... by Shakespeare?

a) something c) nothing

b) anything d) none

18. Something is wrong with my umbrella. May I take ...?

a) yours c) her

b) your d) their

19. Have you ever been ... England?

a) in c) into

b) for d)to

20. Tom has had to give ... playing football since he broke his leg.

a) in c) at

b) on d) up

2.Turn from Direct into Indirect speech.

1.”What have you already drawn”Tom said.

2.”Lock the door when you live the house”.

3. She said:”I am very busy today”

4.”Don't make noise”father said.

5.”Have you ever been to Paris?”Tom said.

3.Turn from Active into Passive.

1.I am doing my homework.

2.They teach three foreign languages.

3.They didn't turn off the gas.

4.He has just written a letter.

5.They will draw a picture.

Тест №9

1. The Statue of Liberty ... by Gustave Eiffel.

a) design c) was designed

b) designed d) have been designed

2. Where are your brothers? - They ... a swimming-pool in our garden.

a) are digging c) were digging

b) dig d) have been digging

3. How do your parents like their new house? - My mother likes it, but my father ... our old one.

a) miss c) missed

b) misses d) doesn't miss 4.1 didn't believe that you ... short of money.

a) are c) were

b) is d) have been

5. Actually it's a very friendly dog. If you ... it, it won't bite you.

a) won't touch c) didn't touch

b) haven't touched d) don't touch

6. The town of Kestwick, which ... at the heart of the Lake District, is the perfect place for a holiday.

a) laid c) is lying

b) lies d) lay

7. We ... forward to a concert in our town. It is next Sunday.

a) looks c)are looking

b) looked d) were looking

8. The picture, which ... lately, is worth thousands of pounds.

a) damage c) has been damaged

b) damaged d) was damaged

9. The scientist who ... a new planet has won the Nobel Prize.

a) had discovered c) has been discovered

b) discovered d) was discovering

10. ... we have something to eat? - Yes, but not here.

a) will c) do

b) would d) shall

11. My mother always moves my books around so I ... find them.

a) can't c) wasn't able

b) couldn't d) may not

12.1 don't like the cafes that don't have chairs and people ... eat standing up.

a) can c) may

b) could d) have to

13. There is a big hotel in the middle of ... park.

a) a c) -

b) the d) these

14. ... towns which attract tourists are usually crowded in summer.

a) - с) а

b) the d) this

15. Be sure to pick ... tomatoes before they get too ripe.

a) this c) much

b)that d)these

16. I suppose people are spending now ... money than they used to.

a) much c) fewer

b) many d) more

17. Was it exciting buying a car? - Well, it was a bit of a problem because I didn't have ... money to spend.

a) many c) most

b) much d) few

18. Once I hated flying, but now I feel ... nervous about it.

a) most c) less

b) least d) little

19. The trouble ... my father is that he never relaxes.

a) of c) about

b) with d) out

20. What did you buy this computer magazine ...? - To read about business software.

a) at c) on

b) in d) for

2.Turn from Direct into Indirect speech.

1.”There are a lot of trains to my station on Sunday”,said Ann.

2.”Will the teacher return our exercise books today?”Tom said.

3.”When does your mother go shopping?’asked the neighbor.

4.”Don't eat too ice cream,”said Helen.

5.”Please send me a telegram”mother said.

3.Turn from Active into Passive.

1.I have translated the whole text.

2.He wrote this poem last week.

3.We shall do the work in the evening.

4.They are repairing the clock now.

5.I bought flowers yesterday.

Тест №10

1. All my money ... on the way to the airport yesterday and I couldn't fly anywhere.

a) were stolen c) has been stolen

b) have been stolen d) was stolen

2. This company ... millions on computers but it doesn't seem to become more efficient.

a) spent c) will spent

b) had spent d) has spent

3. We had to wait until the light ... to green.

a)change c)changes

b) will change d) changed

4. I head the news on the radio while I ... home yesterday evening.

a) drive c) had driven

b) was driving d) drove

5. Before I left the house it ... to rain and I had to take my umbrella.

a) started c) had started

b) would start d) start

6. I was surprised that you ... the football match on television.

a) hadn't watched c) don't watch

b) haven't watched d) aren't watching

7. When Columbus landed on San Salvador, he ... where he was.

a) knew c) doesn't know

b) didn't know d) hadn't known

8. At one time people believed that Columbus ... America.

a) discovers c) had been discovered

b) discovered d) had discovered

9. The talks ... in London next week to discuss some problems of terrorist activity.

a) is held c) would be held

b) will be held d) hold

10. Didn't you ... this horror film last night? - No, I hate such films.

a) saw c) see

b) seen d)seeing

11. Who ... this ice-cream? - Oh, it's mine. I'm just going to eat it.

a) didn't eat c) doesn't eat

b) don't eat d) hasn't eaten

12. The new building looks awful. - I agree. It ... very nice.

a) didn't look c) hasn't looked

b) doesn't look d) won't look

13. "You ... spend your free time on playing football", my mother used to say when I was a schoolboy.

a) needn't c) couldn't

b) mustn't d) can't

14. You needn't wear your best clothes. You ... what you like.

a) can wear c) might wear

b) must wear d) need wear

15. I think ... people look after their cars better than young people.

a) elderly c) elder

b) older d) oldest

16. What are you going to do after you finish ... college, Rachel? — I want to travel.

a) - с) а

b)the d) an

17. There's been a lot of talk about ... 'spaceship' seen over our town on Sunday night.

a) - с)а

b)the d) an

18. ... is a new one-way traffic system in the city center. It's very confusing.

a) this c) it

b)that d)there

19. ... of these magazines would you like? - This one, please.

a) what c) why

b) how much d) which

20. They will come ... the three o'clock train.

a) on c) with

b) at d) by

2.Turn from Direct into Indirect speech.

1.“Did anybody meet you at the station?”I said to Kate.

2.”How much did she pay for it?” Sam said.

3.”Don't be afraid of my dog,”said the man to Kate.

4.”Sit down at the table and do your homework”said my sister to me.

5.”This man spoke to meon the road”said the women.

3..Turn from Active into Passive.

1.He will introduce me to his friends.

2The doctor prescribed her new medicine.

3.She does not turn off the light.

4.Have dogs ever attacked you.

5They are cleaning the room now.

  • Иностранные языки

Установлено, что тестирование является экономной, целенаправленной и индивидуализированной формой контроля. При такой форме выявляются конкретные пробелы в знаниях, проверяется, насколько осознанно учащиеся владеют теоретическим материалом, как они умеют применять знания на практике.В данной разработке представлены тесты для учащихся 10-11 классов в десяти вариантах.А также дополнительные письменные задания по страдательному залогу и прямой речи. Использовавшиеся на практике тесты показали достаточно точно и достоверно владение всеми учащимися в определенной степени различными аспектами языка. Именно с помощью разноуровневых заданий удалось осуществлять дифференцированный подход в обучении и учитывать индивидуальные психологические и возрастные особенности учащихся.

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