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Games and Activities for Teachers

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Abstract Picture

Draw a big rectangle on the board. Draw in

the rectangle a variety of squiggles (lines),

doodles, shapes (and colors if you have

them). Ask the class what they think the pic-

ture represents. Assure the students that

there is no right or wrong answer and

encourage them to use their imaginations.

Adjectives and nouns

Students suggest adjective-noun phrases,

for example, 'a black cat', 'an expert doctor'.

Contribute some yourself. As the phrases are

suggested, write the adjectives in a column

down the left-hand side of the board, and the

nouns on the right-hand side. Then they vol-

unteer ideas for different combinations, for

example 'a black doctor' or 'an expert cat'.

See how many the class can make it. If

someone suggests a strange combination,

he/she has to justify it.

Ambiguous Picture

Draw a small part of a picture. Ask the stu-

dents what it's going to be. Encourage differ-

ent opinions. Don't confirm or reject their

ideas. Add a little more to the drawing and

ask the question again. Build the picture up

in about four stages.

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