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Фрагмент урока с игрой

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Фрагмент урока (накануне дня влюбленных для учащихся 8-9 классов)

«Любовь с первого взгляда» Love at first sight

Teacher: Dear boys and girls. Remember what date it is today. You are right. The 14th of February. Do you know what holiday is today? Ok.

I offer you to play a game “Love at First Sight”. But at first we hear Sveta. She would like to tell us about Valentine ’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th as a festival of romance and affection. People send greetings cards called “Valentines” to their sweethearts, friends, and members of their families. Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated in Btitain and the USA among people of all ages by exchange of “valentines”. Schoolchildren decorate their classrooms with bright red paper hearts and celebrate the day in their classroom. They also make valentine cards for their friends and parents. Red is the colour most often used in valentines because it is a symbol of warmth and feelings. This is the reason that red roses have been a symbol of love. Pink is a mixture of red and white and is quite commonly used also. White is the symbol of purity and is a colour often used in valentines.

Heart shaped boxes of candy, jewelry and flowers are some of the popular gifts given on this day. Many newspapers carry advertisements or messages placed by people in love. Both men and women want to let their sweethearts know how much they love them. On Valentine’s Day many radio stations play romantic music all day long. One very famous song is called “My Funny Valentine”.

Valentine’s Day is a day to share loving feelings with friends and family. This is a happy day.

Teacher: Thank you. Let us discuss some questions.

  1. What do you think about friendship? Is it nececarry?

  2. Is it important for you if the boy has money?

  3. What is important:

to have a nice face?

to have good knowledge?

to have modern clothers?

  1. A boy invites you to the disco. You don’t like to go to the disco. What will you do?

  2. A girl invites you to the theatre.You don’t like to go to the theatre. What will you do?

  3. Is it important to tell truth to your friend?

Thank you for your answers. I like them.

It’s time to play. We have four boys and four girls for a game. Boys have white hearts and girls have red hearts. Choose your Valentine and write his \ her name on your hearts.

What do you think how many pairs we have? Only one.

Tanya and Slavik come here, please. You are an ideal pair. I wish you good luck.

Question for Tanya (she writes her answers, Slavik says)

  1. What size of trainres does Slavik have?

  2. Does he like music?

  3. Does he have a dog at home?

  4. What is his favourite writer?

  5. When is his birthday?

Questions for Slavik (he writes his answers, Tanya says)

  1. When is Tanya’s birthday?

  2. What is her hobby?

  3. Does she have a brother?

  4. What is her favourite season?

  5. Does she like sport?

Let’s count your points. You have 6 points. It is a good result.

I have several prizes for you: two ballons, 2 paper hearts, you go home without homewokr. You have to choose one.

Thank you for your work.

МБОУ «Черевковская СОШ»

Лапина Валентина Васильевна

Учитель английского языка

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Представленный фрагмент игры "Любовь с первого взгляда" может быть использован как и внеклассное мероприятие по иностранному языку для учащихся 8-9 классов. Цель игры : повысить мотивацию учащихся в изучении иностранного языка. В процессе игры у учащихся появляется возможность в неформальной обстановке обсудить вопросы дружбы, дружбы между мальчиком и девочкой, принять решение как вести себя в той или иной ситуации.Учащиеся знакомятся с  праздником Дня влюбленных. Ну а самый захватывающий момент это выбор идеальной пары и ответы "влюбленных".

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