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Extra exercises 5th form

The theme Extra exercises

Form 5

I. Organization moment Good afternoon student! 6min

How are you?

Are you ready to start our lesson?

Today we’ll work in groups Here are the sweet , take one

Red sweets goes to 1st group

Green sweets goes to 2nd group

Blue sweets goes to 3rd group

I’ll give you marking papers. After each task you’ll mark your group mates


Exercise 1

Exercise 2



All marks





II. Checking home works

Here are tests for 5 min (prepositions ) 5min


Complete the sentences with on, in, behind, under, in front of.

1.There is a lamp ….. the table

2. There are cat ….. the table

3. There is a girl ….. the door

4. There are 2 shops …… the school

5. There are 5eggs … the fridge.

Mark yourself then teacher marks your test

III. New theme .Presentation

Today we’re going to work with extra exercises 10min

First you’ll work in groups

So, exercise 1 and 4 for 1st group

exercise 2 and 5 for 2nd group

exercise 3 and 6 for 3rd group

Are there any questions to the teacher?

Then you’ll explain the tasks which you did to another group

For every right explanation I’ll give you one sweet.

The other groups will mark you

Ok! Have you finished your tasks? 6min

Why you chose these answer? Please explain

Do you agree with them?

Mark other groups

Next task

Describe these 3 pictures .Use there is, there are, some, any, a, an.

Mark other groups 10min

Next task

I’ll read the text you’ll draw the picture

  1. There is a table in the room

  2. There is a cat under the table

  3. There is a box next to the table

  4. There is a ball behind the box

  5. There is a lamp on the table

Now show me your pictures. Whose picture is better ? Mark it, please

Reflection: What have you learnt today? Write it on paper

What was difficult for you?

What was interesting for you?

IV. Let’s count our marks and sweets

You mark is……

V. Your homework will be extra reading on page 73

The lesson is over. Good bye!

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The  theme Extra  exercises

Form  5

I. Organization  moment  Good  afternoon  student!                                    6min

                                         How  are  you?

                                        Are  you  ready  to  start  our   lesson?

                                       Today  we’ll   work in  groups                                        Here are  the  sweet  , take  one

                                        Red  sweets  goes  to 1st   group

                                        Green  sweets  goes  to  2nd  group

                                        Blue  sweets  goes  to  3rd  group

                                      I’ll  give  you  marking   papers. After  each  task  you’ll  mark  your  group mates                         


Exercise 1

Exercise 2



All marks
































II. Checking  home works

                                       Here  are   tests for 5 min (prepositions )              5min


Complete the  sentences  with  on,   in,  behind,  under,  in front of.

1.There is  a  lamp  …..   the  table

2. There  are  cat   …..   the  table

3. There is  a  girl   …..  the   door

4. There  are 2  shops  ……  the  school

5. There  are  5eggs    …   the  fridge.

 Mark  yourself  then  teacher  marks  your  test

III. New  theme .Presentation

Today  we’re  going  to  work    with  extra  exercises                               10min

       First  you’ll  work  in  groups

So,  exercise 1 and  4   for 1st  group

       exercise  2 and 5   for  2nd  group

         exercise  3 and 6   for  3rd  group

Are  there  any  questions  to  the  teacher?

Then   you’ll explain  the  tasks  which  you  did   to  another  group

For  every  right  explanation   I’ll give  you  one  sweet.

The  other  groups  will  mark  you

          Ok! Have  you  finished  your  tasks?                                           6min

          Why  you  chose  these  answer? Please  explain

           Do  you  agree  with  them?

Mark    other  groups 

Next  task

Describe   these  3 pictures .Use  there is,  there  are,   some,   any,  a,  an.

Mark  other  groups                                                                                 10min

 Next  task

I’ll  read  the  text   you’ll  draw  the  picture

1.      There  is  a  table   in  the  room

2.      There  is  a  cat  under  the  table

3.     There is  a  box  next  to  the  table

4.     There  is  a  ball  behind the  box  

5.     There is a  lamp  on  the   table

Now  show  me  your  pictures. Whose  picture  is  better ? Mark it,  please

Reflection:   What  have  you  learnt  today? Write  it  on  paper

                     What  was  difficult  for  you?

                     What  was  interesting  for  you?

IV. Let’s  count  our  marks and  sweets

You  mark  is……

V. Your  homework  will  be  extra  reading  on  page  73


The  lesson  is  over. Good  bye!






















































































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