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A far cry from something: very different,

almost the opposite.

The movie was good, but it was `a far cry

from` the book it was based on.

About to: on the point of doing something.

Tom was `about to` leave when the tele-

phone rang.

A close call: a situation in which something

bad almost happened.

I had `a close call! ` A big truck almost hit


All along: all the time.

I knew `all along` that Jack wasn't telling us

the whole story.

All's well that ends well: a successful out-

come is worth the effort.

"I've completed writing my book after all

painful work. All's well that ends well."

All of a sudden: something happening

quickly, without advance warning.

It started out to be a beautiful day. Then, `all

of a sudden`, it became cloudy and began to


All thumbs: clumsy

"Look at Martin he broke the antique vase.

He's all thumbs."

As a rule: usually, customarily.

`As a rule` I never stay out late on a week

night, because I have to get up early the

next morning

As far as someone is concerned: in one's


`As far as I'm concerned`, it's too cold to go

swimming this afternoon.

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