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Дина Кенжеқызы Нұрпейісова

Школьная олимпиада по английскому языку - 8 класс

Время выполнения – не более 2-х часов.

Задание 1. Прочитайте отрывки из рассказов об известных женщинах. Для ответов на вопросы выберите имена, обозначенные буквами A-E. В начале дан пример (0.)

  1. Florence Nightingale was impatient with a life without meaningful purpose. By age 24, Florence rejected a marriage proposal and decided to be a nurse. For several years Florence pleaded with her parents, with God and suffered a near nervous breakdown, but never considered disobeying her parents’ wish. At last, in 1851 her parents permitted her to study nursing at an institution in Germany. Two years later, she was appointed superintendent of the institution. Her administration was very successful and so were the changes made to the institution.

  2. Louisa May Alcott lived most of her life in Boston and Concord. She worked as a teacher for a short time. Next, she worked as a housekeeper and finally began writing. Her first books were written quickly. Then, Alcott volunteered to be a Civil War nurse, where she caught typhoid and was sent home. But, from this experience her book Hospital Sketches became famous. Soon, her stories were chosen for the Atlantic Monthly. Her most popular book was Little Women. It described her own childhood, as many of her other books: Aunt Joe’s Scrap Bag, Little Men, Eight Cousins and others.

  3. Marie Curie was born Maria Sklodowska as the fifth and youngest child of Bronislava Boguska, a pianist, singer and teacher and Wladislaw Sklodowski, a professor of mathematics and physics. From young she was remarkable for her prodigious memory and at the age of 16 she won a gold medal on a competition of her secondary education at Russian lycee. In 1891, she went to Paris. She worked late hours and virtually lived bread and butter and tea. In 1804 she was placed the second in the license of mathematical sciences. It was then that she married Pierre Curie, a famous scientist.

  4. Valentina Tereshkova was born in Yaroslavl region of the former USSR. Soon after starting work in a textile mill at the age of 18, Valentina joined an amateur parachuting club. She was a hard worker. Later, at the age of 24, she applied to become a cosmonaut. On June 16, 1963 Tereshkova was launched into space aboard Vostok 6. She became the first woman to travel in space. Her flight lasted 48 orbits totaling 70 hours 50 minutes in space. She spent more time in orbit than all the US Mercury astronauts combined. Valentina received the Order of Lenin and Hero of the Soviet Union awards for her historic flight.

  5. Margaret Thatcher was born in England in the family of grocer and dressmaker. Her father was involved in local politics. Early in her life she decided to be a member of the Parliament. In 1950 Margaret married Denis Thatcher, got her degree from Oxford and worked there as a research chemist. In 1959 she won a seat in Parliament. In 1970 to 1974 she served as the Minister of Education and Science. In 1979 general elections Mrs. Thatcher became the first woman to be elected Prime Minister of Great Britain. She resigned in 1990. She was awarded an Order of Merit award by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.


  1. was a bright pupil? _C_

  2. was honored with the title of Hero for her historic deed? _____

  3. waited for her parental permission to realise her dream to become a nurse? ____

  4. succeeded as a leader and was awarded the order for her remarkable work for the country? ____

  5. worked as a nurse at war? ____

  6. was an outstanding scientist? ____

Задание 2. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. I broke my leg yesterday and I … take part in the football match.

a) can’t b) couldn’t c) could

2. Mr Garret … have a personal bank account.

a) doesn’t b) don’t c) isn’t

3. … birthday is it next week?

a) Whose b) Whom c) Who

4. Run downstairs. Your sister … for you.

a) waits b) waiting c) is waiting

5. Perhaps they …a new house next year.

a) will buy b) buy c) shall buy

6. Don’t worry about your letter. I … it yesterday.

a) have sent b) sent c) sended

7. Timothy can play cricket well, …?

a) doesn’t he? b) can he? c) can’t he?

8. My elder sister is afraid … height.

a) - b) of c) with

9. I don’t want … or help.

a) advices b) an advice c) advice

10. I don’t like black coffee. - … do I.

a) So b) Neither c) Either

Задание 3. Заполните пропуски в предложениях местоимениями, относящимися к выделенным словам.

me her him he it me us them they us them him

Example: Bill and I went to a concert. Jim met us there.

  1. I recorded my first album when I was 10, and people loved ________!

  2. Mozart composed many songs, but we don’t have all of __________.

  3. My parents love rap music. _________ bought the new Eminem album!

  4. Madonna is very famous. Everybody knows _________.

  5. I saw Justin Timberlake in a shop and took a photo of _______.

  6. Elvis Presley didn’t only record songs - _______ also made films.

  7. Jane and I were at a concert and P. Diddy said hello to_______! It was amazing!

  8. I was singing on the beach and a pop manager gave _______ a recording contract.

  9. My younger brother can sing pretty well and my parents have decided to send _____ to a music school.

  10. Ben and Tom met Sara at a café. She asked ______ to go a J-Lo concert on Saturday night with her and Lucy.

Задание 4. Выберите правильный вариант:

a. a b. an c. the d. --

Oxford is a small city in 1____ centre of England. 2 ____ University of Oxford is one of 3____ most famous in the world. If you are 4____ student, it’s a great place to study. For visitors to Oxford there are a lot of things to do. You can go to museums and theatres. There are also 5____ shops, cafes and restaurants, and of course bookshops. There’s 6____ famous bookshop on Board Street. 7____ shop has thousands of books and is over 120 years old!

Summer is 8____ best time to visit Oxford. When 9____ weather is nice, you can hire 10____ boat on one of the rivers or have 11____ picnic in 12____ university parks. Oxford is also close to London so you can easily take 13____ bus or train there for the day.

Задание 5. Прочитайте текст и раскройте скобки.

It was two thousand years ago. Two Viking leaders ( to go) with their men to Ireland in two big boats. The first leader’s name was O’ Neil, the name of the other is not known to us. They ( to agree) that the first man who ( to touch) the Irish land would be the king of it .At last they (to be) very near the Irish land. The two boats (to go) faster and faster. Unfortunately O’ Neil’s boat was not as fast as the other one. And O’Neil (to have) an idea. He (to want) the king so much, when the boats (to be) very near the land? He quickly ( to cut) off his right hand and ( to throw) it over to the land. He (to become) the king of Ireland because his hand was the first which touched the land. This story ( to explain) why there is a red right arm on Irish soldiers’ coats.

Задание 6. Напишите короткое эссе (сочинение-рассуждение) по теме “Positive and negative aspects of fame” (120-150 слов).

За каждый правильный ответ – 1 балл, короткое эссе – 5 баллов.

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Халық өнерпаздарының 1937 жылы өткен республикалық байқауына қатысып 75 жасында халық аспаптарын тартатын өнерпаздардыңМәскеуде өткен Бүкілодақтық бірінші байқауында, одан кейін 1944 жылы 83 жасында Орта Азияның бес республикасынан өнерпаздар қатысқан Ташкенттегі он күндікте Дина тағы да жүлделі орындарды жеңіп алады.

Дина ата-ана шаңырағында бұлаңдап өскен жас кезінің өзінде ақ Дәулеткерей, Мүсірәлі, Әлікей, Түркеш, Ұзақ, Есжан, Байжұма, Баламайсаң сияқты күйшілердің күйін нәшіне келтіре тартып, төңірегі «домбырашы қыз» деп атаған. Қаршадай қыздың даңқын естіп, әйгілі Құрманғазы арнайы іздеп келген. Ол Динаның домбыра тартысына сүйсініп, болашағынан үлкен үміт күтіп, батасын берген. Осыдан кейін Динадан көз жазбай, үнемі айналып соғып, додалы күй айтыстарына ертіп барып, домбыра тартудың терең сырларын үйретеді. Дина тоғыз жасынан бастап он тоғыз жасына дейін, қашан ұзатылғанша Құрманғазының баулуында болады. Құрманғазыдай дәулескер күйшінің ұстаз болуы Динаның ғана бақытты болып қойған жоқ, исі қазақтың күй өнерінің бақыты болды.

Дина 1880 жылы Беріш ішіндегі Бесқасқа руынан шыққан Тұрманұлы Қанас деген жігітке тұрмысқа шығады. Қанас пен Динадан Нұрпейіс атты бір ұл туған. Алайда, алғашқы перзенті дүниеге келген соң Қанас көп кешікпей қайтыс болады. Дина ата салтымен қайын інісі Шәпекке қосылады. Күйеуінің атын атамайтын дәстүр бойынша Дина күйеуі Шәпекті «Жәпек» деп атайтын болған. Кейбір деректерде «Жәпек» деп жазылуы содан. Динаның алғашқы күйеуінен көрген перзенті Нұрпейіс 14 жасында қайтыс болады. Кейін ел ішінде санақ па, сайлау ма, әйтеуір бір тізім алу атай алмаған Дина фамилиясының орнына қайтыс болған тұңғышы Нұрпейістің есімін атаған. Міне, Динаның Нұрпейіс келіні атануының сыры осында. Жәпек пен Дина бақытты ғұмыр

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