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Trilingual education in Kazakhstan is gaining increasing importance and today is one of the main directions in higher education. The task is to prepare competitive specialists owning multiple languages. The activities of Taraz state pedagogical Institute in the implementation of trilingual education is carried out with the 2014-2015 school year in three specialties in the 2016-2017 school year in four specialties. The organization of educational process in the framework of the trilingual education and monitoring quality implemented by the division for the development of trilingual education.

The aim of the Department- training of competitive specialists, capable of active self-realization in a multinational and multi-cultural space, the formation of the language environment that enables fluent Kazakh, Russian and foreign (English)  languages.

The main objectives of the Department:

-          training with trilingual education

-          enhancing the prestige of the teaching profession

-          integration into the world educational space

-          achieving quality trilingual education

-          update and development of material and technical, personnel, scientific-methodological support trilingual education

-          systematic professional development of teachers

-          cooperation on exchange of experience with NIS, polylingual universities and schools for teaching core subjects and preparation of multilingual staff

-          continuous improvement of teaching methodology in Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages through the introduction of advanced pedagogical and information technologies

-          organizing events on personal development and education of students in the spirit of patriotism, intellectuality, humanity


The main functions of the Department:

-          staged development of the trilingual academic groups

-          improving skills and knowledge of faculty members and students of the Institute in three languages to the same extent

-          the annual monitoring of security of educational process with qualified multilingual personnel

-          the organization of courses of advanced language study for teachers, leading classes in polylingual groups

-          the addition of literature and electronic database of library collections, as well as multimedia materials

-          organization of works on preparation of textbooks and manuals for students of special departments, educational-methodical complexes of disciplines, held in linguistic groups

-          the involvement of foreign scientists, visiting professors for teaching academic groups on the program trilingual education in the educational process

-          the organization of academic mobility-sharing experiences of faculty members and students of multilingual groups

  • Иностранные языки

At present, the approach to the Kazakhstani higher education is drastically changing. It is due to many reasons, the basic one being the 2030 Kazakhstan development program. In his 1998 Presidential Address, President Nursultan Nazarbaev stated the accomplishments and problems of the country and announced the priorities of the country’s development for the period up to 2030. He expressed his belief that each citizen of Kazakhstan “has ripened a profound awareness of the fact that one can no longer live for the day only, merely in an incessant turmoil of settling present day tasks” and they had to well remember that “apart from the goals set for the period of today, our generation bears tremendous responsibility to future generations, which is, in fact, responsibility of parents and grandparents to their children and grandchildren.” Speaking about building a new state, a new market economy and a new democracy, the necessity to honestly analyze both external and internal factors of the country’s development and to identify priorities and elaborate the relevant strategy on the basis of the people’s general consolidation, on the basis of Kazakhstani history and unique circumstances was mentioned. The long-term priorities of the country, mentioned in the Program, were national security, country's political stability and consolidation of the society economic growth based on an open market economy with high level of foreign investments and internal savings to gain realistic, stable and steadily growing rates of economic growth, power resources, health, education and well-being of Kazakhstani citizens.

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