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Article: "My birthplace"

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My birthplace

Али А.Б. № 258 негізгі мектебі

Қызылорда облысы Қазалы ауданы Байқожа елді мекені

Everybody has his its Motherland. It is the place, where a man was born. May be this place is usual and uninteresting for other people, but for you it is the dearest place in the world. There is English proverb: “There is no place like home”. No need to a roam the world in the search of the most beautiful place. You should turn around. It is your native home place, the land, where were born, whose beauty you imbibed with your mother’s milk. One of such place is my native village. The place where I born and live named Baikozha. It’s my birthplace. I would like to start my writing work with the poem by Udi Damti “My Motherland, My Kazakhstan”

My motherland, she's so beautiful and bright 
She gives me home, a shelter and light. 
And we are proud of her history, 
Full of struggles and victories. We got this country from God as a gift, 
Not just to take, but mostly to give. 
Our motherland takes care of you and me, 
And only here can we stay forever free. We are proud to be her loyal kids, 
She brings us up, teaches and leads 
She's our life, she is our best part, 
She's our soul, brain and heart. My motherland, you're so beautiful and bright, 
May we be strong to keep your shining light.

The history of my village began in the XVIII century. The name “Baikozha” is constrained with the name of man. It was a saint, hardworking and clever man. He was born there and usually help to poor man and to man who needed it. So people in that days named our village Baikozha.

My village Baikozha is about 70 km from the big town Kazaly and 38 km to Baikonur. The river Syrdariya washed the village. The village is like ordinary village, it’s located near the railway station. Most of the people work in railway and at school.

The people of my village are very hospitable and friendly, they are always glad to meet the guests. We have many interesting traditions, such as: Festivals of folk and children song, we celebrate every holiday: the Day of Village (it’s the birthday of the man Baikozha), Farewell Winter Festival and the Day of old people, Kazakhs’ national holiday Nauriz (as a New Year), New Year, Win’s Day, International Friendship Days and something like that. What don’t people do they do it together. For instance, in national holiday Nauriz we organize Spring Festival which are played Kazakh’s national game like Kokpar, kiz kuu, tenge alu, altybakan. It is very exciting and traditional costumes are attractive. How is the Nauriz without nauriz-kozhe? Of course, women cook this traditional food. It will be delicious. And young girls prepares tables. Someone is singing, someone dancing and the other play games.

This year we are going to celebrate too. We will organize concerts, festivals and invite well-known singers and some guests in our region Kyzylorda.

As you know this year we’ll celebrate 70 year anniversary of Win’s Day. According to this holiday we have already organized a concert, meeting, circle table etc. remembering our heroes who fought in War. We never forget their names.

This place is for those people who are looking for peace and a lovely rural environment. There is no traffic noise here. So if you want to walk on a carpet of meadows and flowers or climb the hills covered with woods or fish in our ponds or drink the crystal clear water.

There is the main school which we are getting knowledge in my village. It was founded in 1947 as a primary 3 yearly school. In 1950-1951 years it was changed to 7 yearly school. And in 2005-2006 years it was changed to the 9 yearly main school. I study at this school. My full name is Askar Azamat. I’m in 5-grade. The new building of our school was founded in 2013 year. The school is well equipped. It is made by modern technology. There are classrooms, computer rooms, school canteen, gymnasium and master rooms. There given some comforts what you want.

Nowadays Asphalt factory works in our village. People who live in neighbour village are moving to our place. They are interested in our village. It is developing step by step. I hope that in future our village Baikozha will increase his population and be a little town. I’m proud of my Motherland and village. I want to conclude my composition with the poem by Dr. Shamin Ali: “My Mother Land”
My mother land, I’m proud to be your daughter
My heart with joy sings songs of love for you 
My soul with agony cries for mess done let me register
If you need my life, sacrificed my whole life for you 
You are in a turmoil your resources are scarce, 
This is my land beloved, my Motherland; 
The terrorists came in it is alleviated tragic farce 
Even a single space of it, I cannot hand
I had opened my eyes this is the place
My forefathers were born and buried here
There blood has adorned the flag with lace.

“East or West, home is best”. Welcome to our school!

Used materials:

  1. Dr. Seuss “Children’s literature” – 2002 year;

  2. Louise Hay “You can heal your life” – 1984 year;

  3. J.Richard: “Environment”

  4. Via Internet – www.google.kz


Тегі: Али

Аты: Азамат

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Article: "My birthplace"
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Это сочинение о родной земле. У каждого человека есть своя Родина, есть свой дом и есть своя родная земля. Она дорога нам всем. Никто и ничто не может заменить ее. Мне известно история моей Родной Земли. В своем сочинении я рассказываю об истории, культуры, их обычаи родной земли, о школе расположенное в нем и народах живущие в нем.

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