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hello_html_m65e035fe.gifLesson plan

Date: 12.11.2015y

Form: 5

Subject: English

Theme: Animals in Britain

Aims: to introduce with new theme

Objectives: Educational: to speak about the animals, to enrich pupils knowledge, vocabulary

Developing: to develop pupil’s listening, speaking, writing and reading activities;

Upbringing: to develop the interest to English language, to teach pupils to respect each other, must be kind to animals and take care of them.

Materials of the lesson: blackboard, chalk, books, copybooks, interactive board, presentation

The type of the lesson: new lesson

The procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment

a) greeting

- Good morning, children!

- How are you?

- Who is on duty today?

- Who is absent today?

b) warm-up

I can swim like a fish,
I can run like a rabbit,
I can jump like a little kangaroo.
I can sing like a bird,
I can walk like a cat.
I can climb like a monkey in the zoo.
I can do it, he can do it,
She can do it, too, too, too.
We can do it, they can do it.
And what about you?

They will do warm-up with the help of interactive board, which is called “Cute froggy dance”

II. Checking up the home work

So, lets check your home work

We will check home work in oral form, they will say one by one

III. Presentation of the material

So, boys and girls the theme of our lesson is called “Animals in Britain”. Today we will say about animals, will do some exercises, will find crossword, introduce with new words

IV. Practice

Letʹs introduce with new vocabulary

Pet [pet] үй жануары

Rabbit [ʹræbit] қоян

Lion [ʹlaiən] арыстан

Monkey [ʹm˄ŋki] маймыл

Fox [fᴐks] түлкі

Dog [dᴐg] ит

Kangaroo [kæŋgəru:] кенгуру

Horse [hɔ: s] жылқы

Cow [kau] сиыр

Sheep [ʃi:p] қой

Hen [hen] тауық

Goose [gu:s] қаз

Camel [ʹkæməl] түйе

Cat [kæt] мысық

Elephant [ʹelifənt] піл

Tiger [ʹtaigə] жолбарыс

Giraffe [dʒiʹra:f] керік

Duck [d˄k] үйрек

Bear [bɛə] аю

Wolf [wulf] қасқыр

Frog [frᴐg] құрбақа

Hedgehog [ʹhedʒhᴐg] кірпі

There are two types of animals: wild and domestic. Please, divide these animals into two groups and write.

wild domestic

V. Reading

Text 1: Popular Pets

Most people in Britain like animals. A lot of families have got a pet. Dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits are all popular pets.

Text 2: Safari Parks

You can also see animals in Safari parks. They live in fields and woods. People drive round the park in the cars to watch the animals.

Text 3: Farms in Britain

Most children in Britain live in towns and cities, so they don’t see animals every day. You can visit some farms and see animals like sheep, pigs and cows.

The next task is to read the text, translate, understand and answer the question:

1. What are some popular pets in Britain?

2. Where do animals live in Safari parks?

3. What animals live on farms?

VI. Writing

Agree or disagree:




The monkey's tail is longer than the cats.



The tiger is a domestic animal



Elephants can swim.



Cows can jump.



The bear is a bird.



Put the letters where is necessary

Ho_se ele_hant ti_er

D_g _at shee_

W_lf be_r mon_ey

VII. Speaking

They will guess riddles and name the pets

  • This is the tallest of all extant land-living animal species. It lives in South Africa. It is approximately 4.3 metres (14 ft) to 5.2 metres (17 ft) tall

  • This is African animal. It is known for their distinctive black and white stripes. It is about 50-52 inches. Who is it?

Choose the odd





















Name the pets: Children will be guess the names of the pets

Answer the questions:

- Do you like animals?

- What wild animals do you know?

- What domestic animals do you know?

- Have you got a pet? What is it?

V. Conclusion

Solve this animal crossword puzzle

e s g s a a s c a t

r m i a p i g s s r

h o r s e d e s c d

u u a a d g l i o n

o s f t i g e r c d

o e f r o g p y k s

y h e n o o h r u r

w f i s h g a y i z

d o g q m o n k e y

c f e e u y t h m n

c c r o c o d i l e

Home work

To write an essay to the theme “My favourite animals”, learn by heart new words

Giving marks

Okay, boys and girls we have finished our lesson. Today we have spoken about animals. All of you were very active today. Thank you for your hard work. Your marks for today's lesson are ………….. The lesson is over. Good bye!

Saga secondary school

Demonstrative lesson

Theme: Animals in Britain

Grade: 5 th form

Prepared by: Sattarova G.Zh

2013 -2014 years

Мен саттарова

  • Иностранные языки

Бұл сабақ жануарлар тақырыбына арналған. Educational: to speak about the animals, to enrich pupils knowledge, vocabulary, to develop pupil’s listening, speaking, writing and reading activities;to develop the interest to English language, to teach pupils to respect each other, must be kind to animals and take care of them.сабақ барысында алдымен тақырыпқа байланысты жаңа сөздермен танысып аламыз, содан кейін үй және дала жануарларын дұрыс орналдастырады.үш топқа үш түрлі тексттер беріледі, олар сол текстермен танысады, оқиды, аударады.содан кейін сол текст бойыншабұрыс дұрыс жаттығуын жасайды, тастап кеткен әріптерді дұрыс табулары керек, содан кейін әр топ сөздер беріледі, сол сөздердің ішінен бір артығын алып тастаулары қажет.сұрақтарға жауап береді, қорытындысында жануарлардың атын пазлдан табу керек, оқушыларға үй тапсырмасы беріледі сосын бағаланады.

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