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Інтелектуально-розважальна гра "Take the Cake"


Welcome to the show “Take the Cake”.

Today 2 teams will try to win the main prize of the game. Look, here it is….. The most delicious and beautiful cake in our gymnasium.

Besides, answering the questions, they’ll be able to get some necessary things to lay the tables for the tea-party. Their task is to collect such things as tea, tea cups, sugar, tea port, tea spoons and etc. on their tables.

So meat our teams….

And now about the rules.

100 pupils of our gymnasium (from 10 to 14 years old) were asked about different aspects of school life. The teams will try to guess 5 top answers.

A round begins with the member of each team approaching the podium.

As the question is read, the first of the two nominees to ring the bell gives the answer.

The team with the higher answer starts the game.

All the members of the team one by one answer the same question.

If a team manage to come up with the answer , it wins the points equivalent of the total number of people who had given the answer.

If the answer is not correct a “life “is lost. It is accompanied by a large “X” on the board and “uh-uhh” sounds.

If the team loses 3 lives the other team has a chance to “steal” the points by giving an answer that may be among the missing answers. If they do it, they get the points; if not the team who had given the three incorrect answers win however as much points as their other answers had accumulated.

Let’s start the game. Good luck to everyone!!! Let’s have fun!!!

Give me … Give me... to begin the game. Don’t forget that a good beginning makes a good ending.

Tell me please, when do you usually prepare all the necessary things for the coming day? In the evening or in the morning?

Now the first question:

What is the first thing you put into your bag?

Team A has the higher answer so they start the game.

What do the survey says?

Let’s have a look at what you have missed.

Now we are going to the second question.

Do you like the school uniform in our gymnasium?

Make the ending to the sentence:

School uniform is…

For the Third Question give me…

Do you need a lot of things during the day?

Answer please:

What do you have in your pockets?

Now its time to start Double Game: That means that all the points you get will be doubled!!!

The people who will try to bring such a big amount of points to the teams are…

Confess me, please, are you afraid of exams?

Continue, please: Preparation for the test is…

Another chance to double the points have...and….

Do the pupils of our gymnasium have many rights? And What about their duties?

Complete the sentence: Being on duty is…..

One more question for Double Game is for….

What is your favorite room in our Gymnasium? Now imagine:

You are called out to the Headmistress’s office you…

And the most valuable game is for our Captains. Its TRIPLE GAME: all your points will be tripled.

Do you like loud sounds? Loud music? Loud telephone rings?

The pupils of our gymnasium were asked: What do the three rings of the bell mean?

Try to guess their answers.

So the first part of the Game is behind . Let us see which of the teams got more points.

Its team A.

They will continue fighting for the main price of the game.

Team B Thank you for your try. Have a rest and enjoy the game of your opponents.


Team B , you have to choose 2 contestants for the Big Game.

The first gives his/her answers to 5 questions within 30 seconds. Then the second contestant ( who had been out of earshot of the first) gives his or her answers within 40 seconds. He must not duplicate the answers given by the first contestant. If they get 200 points or more from the ten answers combined, they take the cake.

Let’s sum up

. Both teams had the task not only to take the cake but also to lay the table for a tea-party.

Do they cope with the task?

For the tea-party team A has….Team B managed to collect….

Is it possible for each team to organize everything in a proper way? What shall we do?

Captains, you’ve got some minutes to decide. Are you ready with your decision?

How wise you are! That’s really the best solution.

You see, the tea does not taste without cake. The school life does not exist without you- our pupils and you- their teachers. So let us celebrate our common victory in this game. All of you were really great today and we hope that you had fun!!!

Інтелектуально-розважальна гра "Take the Cake"
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Інноваційні форми навчання за останні роки посіли важливе місце у  навчально-виховному процесі. Їхнє застосування дозволяє суспільству змінити технологію побудови усіх форм навчальних, позаурочних та позакласних занять.

Запропонована робота може використовуватися як під час уроку, так і в позакласній роботі.

Мета розробки:

·        -  Підвищити мотивацію учнів при вивченні іноземних мов;

·        -  Навчати використовувати знання та комунікативні навички як один з шляхів підвищення соціальної компетенції;

·        -  Сприяти розвитку логіки, пам’яті, уваги, самостійного мислення і вміння працювати в групах.

  За основу розробки взято шоу-програми «FamilyFortunes»(Велика Британія),  «FamilуFeud» (США)та «Просто шоу» (України).

    Гра складається з 2 раундів, у яких 2 команди учасників намагаються вгадати топ-відповіді респондентів, яких було опитано напередодні. Тематика опитування може змінюватися за потребою вчителя.

   Для використання програми потрібно зайти в папку «Take_the_cake», і, двічі клацнувши лівою кнопкою миші по значку «dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64», встановити програму на ПК. Після цього зайти в папку «Debug» і запустити програму за допомогою значка «Take_the_cake».

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