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Эссе на тему "Is the appreciation of pictures a special faculty?"

Is the appreciation of pictures a special faculty which only a few can possess?

The appreciation of pictures is a special faculty only a few can possess. Every painter puts some idea in his pictures, they show their feelings and emotions through their pictures. Some people just can look at the pictures, admire them, but only in few cases they can understand the message of the picture. Sometimes it is important to look at the pictures just to receive admiration, inspiration. Pictures make people think about life, nature and so on.

The excellency of style is not on the surface but lies deep. It is important to look at the good pictures for a long time in order to guess what the painter wants to say through his pictures. For the first time pictures can be dull, colourless but if you look at the picture very attentively, you’ll find it rather pretty. Every picture is beautiful in a way and includes some idea. And there is no need to go out without looking at such pictures. People should not be ashamed of one’s apparent dullness.

The habit of looking at good pictures is in itself a means by which taste can be formed and the scope of one’s enjoyment widened and developed. Every person has his own taste and every person himself chooses what pictures look at. Therefore it’s important to visit a lot of art museums and galleries. Tastes can be formed not yet. It needs some time.

The acquisition of good taste is a matter of time. Painting in his respect does not differ from other arts such as poetry, music. Only really good pictures attract our attention. People won’t look at pictures which are cheap and vulgar. They will have a desire to see only masterpieces or exquisite pieces of painting. You can’t have a good taste and your taste can change. A good taste is formed gradually.

In conclusion I want to say that it is worth looking at the pictures in order to form a good taste. Sometimes it is necessary to look at the pictures just to receive calmness, to feel beauty, to feel life. Pictures raise our cultural level and make our life more interesting, colourful and full.

Эссе на тему "Is the appreciation of pictures a special faculty?"
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